Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HIS Rae Rae

Tonight in the car Creighton and I had some sweet conversations, even over Charleigh screaming her head off.

She said at one point, "so when you die, do I have to take care of her {meaning Charleigh}"
I said well I don't know when I am going to die, but yes, you should always care about your sister honey.  She said, "Good, I've always wanted to be a mommy!"

I love that!

I told her she'd be a good mommy.  She ask (while laughing), "Will I have to spank their hineys (we don't use that word, so maybe that's what was so funny)...and then we got to have a sweet conversation about discipline and how God disciplines me and that yes, I still make bad choices and disobey sometimes too.  She was kinda weirded out by that thought.  She though God spanked me.  It was hilarious.  I told her, that I sometimes wish that WAS all my discipline was, because it would hurt a lot less.  And that is why I want her (and her siblings) to learn NOW what it means to obey and to try everyday to obey and make good choices so she didn't have to learn as many lessons at 31 as I do.

I love her heart.  She's so pure and innocent still.

Except, I might have to just follow that statement up with tonight she told me she kissed a boy at church.  I tried not to flip out, because she was holding hands with this SUPER DUPER CUTE boy at the park just on Tuesday and I could tell she acted different than ever before with him.....

...and so it begins.

She's still innocent and pure and I hope she remains that way for a LONG LONG LONG time....Oh Lord, please.  Please. Please. Guide her heart to you.  Allow her to hear your voice. Fill her void in a way that only you can, and help her not to try to fill it with anyone or anything else.  Thank you for my precious Creighton...YOUR precious Rae Rae.

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