Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been just a little busy...

For the first few days of living in our house we didn't have internet or the computer even set up, so that was a viable excuse for not blogging.  But since, we've gotten all of that taken care of and set up...and I haven't had a moment to blog, really. 

Jeff has had super busy and long days at work, the kids are out of school and no mother's day out, so I've been a very busy mommy and moving in and unpacking pretty much single-handedly since the actually weekend that we had help. 

I've been exhausted.  Seriously seriously exhausted. 

This weekend, happens to be the weekend before my hubby leaves for a week for Falls Creek, Jeff let me have "off!"  I am so thrilled.  It's such a fun fun fun fun thing to do.  I am very blessed to be able to do it.  And priceline helps a lot in making it cheap enough to be affordable for me to get a hotel ALL TO MYSELF! YAY...

So, I can't post pics, but thought I'd at least drop a line or two.  We are coming out from under the boxes! That is great news. I got a lot done last night because the bug man was suppose to come today (he didn't :( ) but atleast it was a great excuse for me to bust it to get stuff put away.  Our bathroom is complete. The guest bath is almost complete (just needs one bar hung).  The kids' rooms are pretty close (just no pics up yet).  Our bedroom is good, but our closets are disasterous.  Can't decide when I am going to tackle that project (or ever).

The living room is getting close, the kitchen is great, the guest room/office is coming together but still have lots of stuff everywhere.  The sunroom looks good (because that's what I worked my tail off on last night, but in all actuality there is MUCH left to be done in's just all hidden).  The garage looks horrid!  But that's what garages are for. Really most of it is garage sale stuff we just need to have one of those SOON.

So, needless nonsense you now all know about the progress of our house. Pics to come soon.  But I'd like to get it a little more put together first :)

Off to enjoy my weekend!

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