Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jackson's 6th Birthday DAY!

This was your very last picture taken as a 5 year old. We had a bible study until 11:30 pm and I went in to take the picture as soon as everyone left. I made it by only 9 minutes. :) whew. Sweet sleeper
 That's better.  Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you so very much.
 Your sisters want to be JUST like you.
 First time to use 2 hands for your age! :)
 Charleigh tried....haha
Creighton would NOT let you be the only one able to use 2 hands to say her age...thus to peace signs to indicate she's 4! :) Oh, Creighton I love you!
 You picked Daylight Donuts for our family birthday breakfast!  Candles in donuts...our tradition!
 We killed a little time at the park and had a ton of fun in 20 minutes...and got some sweet shots!

 You are looking way too grown up here!
 Your sisters and Mommy and Daddy LOVE YOU SO much!
 we did get a good family picture at the park!
 Thanks for always showing your sweet smile when I want it! :)
 You and me pal!
 Cars 2 came out today.  You wanted to see it in 3D so we did.  You loved it!
 You picked Carl's Jr. for lunch.  I think the playground was VERY fun. The food was DISGUSTING and we will never be eating there again...but I will take you to play.  Surely they have decent drinks...?:)
 Candles in your lunch, too!
 First present to open! :) A remote control Lightning McQueen....fitting just after the movie. :)
 You had another play time after we "ate" (no one really ate much of their food...really gross)
 And then the party began!  There were a few running late so we killed time with Poppers that you requested for your party. They were a big hit.  Don't last too long, but not too expensive and lots of laughter and fun had by all!  Who doesn't like them?!
 Then on the Bey Blade Tournament!  There were 6 boys old enough to participate in the tournament.  There were two rings (if not all 3) going at all times.  It was best 2 of 3 to move on.  Jackson and Eli made it to the finals!
 Jackson technically won 2-1, but Eli got to take home the prize! A bey blade of his own of course!
 The cake.  LET IT RIP. Happy 6th Birthday Jackson...way to theme!
 Nonna brought a cake too (she had a coupon that was expiring).  It was yummy because it was from Ann's bakery...the same place that did Mommy and Daddy's wedding cake :)
 Your TABLE! Pinata, plates, napkins, give away bags, 2 cakes, balloons, food, the whole works! ;)
 Opening presents was of course a circus. You got a million things.  1/2 a million of them being new bey blades and bey blade equipment.  You LOVE them, so you did NOT care one bit that you kept opening them~ huge hit!  You got new shoes and socks, backpack, Nerf gun, lots of dress up masks, a spider man costume, Ben 10 people, books, clothes, buckets, and all of that was just off the top of my head...seriously you are SO blessed dude!
 the infamous bey blades!
 you were pretty stinkin' excited about your new shoes! Ben 10 is your other favorite thing right now.
 The pinata was an epic fail.  I will make you one next time.  But you pulled the "right" string the first time and NO candy fell out.  So we had to destroy the thing to get it all out and it was a riot.  Tell me why I do those again? You ask for one every year....
 Beau, Jackson, Braden, Brooks, Chandler, Ethan and Eli.  (there were also 4 girls: Creighton, Charleigh, Brynlee and Mati)  So many friends from our new place and to think we've only been here a month! I am excited about how well you (and all of us) are adjusting to our new home and life!

 Some more bey blading!
 Jackson and Eli
 Jackson and Beau
 Daddy Jax and Papa John.  We tried to replicate a picture from your 2nd birthday....pretty good one this go around too! 3 generations of John Bergs!
 All the grandparents! You are SO loved

 Brooks, Jax, Mati, Charleigh, Creighton, and Chandler! Precious family and the kids get along pretty great! I love when they all get together. The dynamics are really funny to watch.
And then the best of the epic fail family picture at the end of a long (but really awesome and fun) day!

I love you buddy with all my heart. You are super sweet, super handsome, compassionate, loving, rough, all boy, tender hearted, and everything in between. You are the whole package. I am so thrilled of who you have become so far and can't wait to see what all God had in store for you.  You are a thinker, a doer and I know you will do big things! God has a big plan for you and has gifted you with specific gifts to bring Him glory! I love that I can already tell you are wired to love compassionately and that you have a true childlike faith with Jesus in everything.  You understand some things on levels that amaze me and yet, you are still only (just) 6 and so you still have so much life ahead of you and lots of growing to do in every way. You love your sisters and you fight with them. It's a toss up between what the dynamic will be during any given moment...But I love the tender moments watching you guys love each other well and play together.  You are an amazing big brother overall!  Your job has just begun and I know you will be protector (if Rae will let you).  You are really great at encouraging too.  I love hearing your heart!

Your favorite things are bey blades, ben10 and sometimes superheroes. You really like your tag books so you can read and you are actually learning. If I spent a lot of time this summer I am thinking you'd be reading before fall.  But (sorry buddy) I have no idea what I am doing, so I think I'll let your teachers do that for you :)  You are wearing a size 1 shoe right now and size 6/7 clothes.  You love to swim and you are pretty good at it!  You really like diving down to get the rockets off the bottom of the pool.  You love playing video games (wii, old school Nintendo, iPhone, computer) just like screens I think STILL like your Daddy. You love watching TV and movies too.  You love to get up early and sneak in some time with the TV before everyone else wakes up.  You've mastered the art of being really quiet while doing we let you:)

You are everything and more that I could have ever wanted in a son, my first, a big brother.  You amaze me.  I love you.

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Lacey said...

I love love love this kiddo. I love all your kiddos, but since this post is about Jackson, I love that kiddo :) You know you're going to have to keep the ladies away really really soon. He's precious.

Actually I just love your whole family. So that just sums it all up!

Happy Birthday Jackson (a day late)! :)