Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I can't take complete credit for ruining, nor restoring this heirloom table. Unfortunately, since it was given to us, we destroyed it essentially.  This is a random picture I found of it from a long time ago. Even since this picture it looked MUCH worse.
My friend Amy told me she loves to woodwork.  She loves to refinish wood and wanted to help me (one of the first things she said when she came in my house, that's HOW BAD the table was).  So she came over and helped me sand it down.  She showed me the ropes! :) It was a ton of fun.  
Then she helped show me how to stain it.  And I did it at least 5 times. 
It got to this gorgeous color and I then sealed it with 3 coats knowing the damage that was done to it originally I knew it needed lots. It could stand some sailboat sealer to withstand our family, but 3 coats of polyurethane will have to do! :)

I need to snap a picture of it in our new kitchen. It looks beautiful! It so far has withstood all of the abuse the poor table goes through.  I love it.  It's so shiny and looks brand new! 

Reminds me of what Christ can do in our lives when we go through the process, sometimes long, tedious, painful, but in the end, it's NEW. Completely new and gorgeous!  :)  Another fun lesson learned while doing this project...
we have 2 or 3 leafs that go to the table that I didn't do and also the legs I didn't do.  Part of our walks with Christ is growing.  But in that, we grow in areas, and we don't have to look perfect in every area right away. It takes time.  I got the big part done. I still have little things to redo, refinish, catch up on.  So it was nice to remember that God works on us in pieces sometimes too. :) (and thankfully)

(and another as I was typing that I thought of)
Even though I made it new, I still have to take good care of it.  Tonight I almost cried because the kids' cups were sweating and left on the table for a long time.  I came and took them off and saw the rings underneath. It made me so sad.  However, I wiped them down and then cleaned the table off and dried it really well. The rings were gone in a few minutes...and completely not visible anymore.  Christ's blood does what the polyurethane does for my table. If you have the Right coat on, even when you mess up what has been "fixed" you can still be covered and compete, but it does take effort and work on our parts to "keep up" (study, read, pray, fellowship, worship) what has been done already!

He is so good. I love it when He speaks to me through small insignificant things......LOVE IT!

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