Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some pics of the new house...

One day while Jeff was gone I had company coming and so I cleaned the house (well at least had it picked up). I remember to snag a few pictures.  BUt I didn't get many.  
 This is the girls' room.  It's pink (it came that color).
 It's a good sized room and the furniture fits perfectly. :)

 THis is the guest bathroom.
 This is the master aka "my cave". I love it because it has NO windows and so it's uber dark at night!!!! YEAH!
Here is our bathroom, which is in our room (and has a window---for all you safety nuts :))

We still have some major decorating (picture hanging, furniture arranging, clothes hanging, closet organizing, MAJOR garage sale, etc to do before it's all put together. I will post more pictures as I remember to take them and when the house is clean. WHen those two things happen together again, it might be awhile.... :)

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