Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random pictures of the kids

 Charleigh in her stylin' suit and glasses...flashing that sweet smile! LOVE IT
 Making Daddy a "welcome home" art surprise....we missed him terribly!
 the final project!
 Rae! You are so beautiful and incredibly talented at art and writing!

 We love our Gator!
 Rae, you dressed yourself.  You wanted to look nice because Eli was coming over ;) Thankfully somehow you pull off even the craziest of concoctions.
Crazy hair and gorgeous eyes.  I love that cheeseball smile of yours

My friend Sharla came over and Creighton couldn't get enough of holding Amelia! :) So sweet (even though Amelia didn't like Creighton holding her as much as Creighton did!)
This is Charleigh's fave spot!  She loves to climb up there and just sit.  She'll sit there and watch and smile for a long time...especially for a one year old!

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