Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick trip to Branson/SDC

My parents got us season passes to Silver Dollar City for Christmas. We hadn't been yet.  This weekend worked for them and Jeff was going to be gone on Friday and half of Saturday so we went!
 Smiles in the beginning, seconds later, tears. Creighton got a spanking before we even made it into the park.  But after that she was GREAT.  She just needed an attitude adjustment.  That's why she's absent from the picture below.
 Sweet babies!
 Creighton isn't much of an amusement park ride girl.  She cried on nearly every ride we went on except the ones with Charleigh in the little little kid area.
 Charleigh's first ride at SDC....she liked it. I couldn't tell that I cut her head in half until after it was too late.
 I had to ride with her and those rides were NOT made for adults :/ but I am glad my girls had fun!  I love this fun picture!
 This one Charleigh couldn't ride (and parents couldn't either, which is why she couldn't) and she was M.A.D. about it!
This is where we spent a lot of time.  All 3 kids LOVE this area where they can get wet and play with balls and throw them and not get in trouble.  She was in heaven.  Swimsuits and watersandals were a homerun choice my yours truly! 
 Charleigh even loved it!!
Jackson as well! :)

Thanks Mom and Dad for a short and crazy, but FUN weekend in Branson.

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