Sunday, June 26, 2011


We leave for Haiti in less than 22 hours. I can't believe it.  This go around I have 3 precious children and so leaving is harder, much harder than it was in 2003. I am so thankful my husband will be with me, however, it makes the fear that grips me that much tighter.  I am having to pray and quote scripture constantly and would COVET your prayers over us, our trip, and my children. Tears well up so quickly as I am absolutely exhausted and emotional and I haven't even begun the trip. I know the Lord has big plans and I will come back looking more like Him, or with Him one or the other.  The needs are great there. I want to serve. I want to love and to love well. I want Him to be known, and all for His glory.  This trip is going to be life changing and I am ready.  Here I am Lord, send me....

Lord willing, I'll post pictures and details upon our return.  Please please pray for our trip every time you think of us.  THANK YOU.

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