Monday, May 9, 2011

A Very Special Date...

with this sweet guy>>
I rarely get to spend time alone with this little guy and I treasure any time I do get him all to myself.  He is such a gem when he is alone.  He thrives on feeling special, words of affirmation and quality time.  He is a really neat kid!

First we went to Burger King and only because he really wanted a Thor toy and they came with the kid's meals. They only get kid's meals on special dates because I think it's cheaper not to get them.  Anyway, so that was his choice.  He ate all of cheeseburger and happily played with his silly Thor toy all day (although I can say I haven't seen it since).  He also got a special drink (a cherry Slushie) and he loved it but said it was "spicy" to his tongue. I think it is the carbonation? I have no idea.  

Then we went to a very very special dessert place because I wanted to treat him like a Prince and pull out all the stops...
 We went to Cosi and got the S'mores for 2!  It was the complete package.  Fire table side. 4 big marshmallows each, 4 graham crackers each and a 1 big Hershey bar.  2 sticks and we were ready to go! He just liked the idea at first but then LOVED it.  (I didn't tell him what we were getting until they brought it to the table).  I think he was confused.  But I made him a mean s'more and he devoured it.  It was such fun!

Then I had talked with his best bud from Bartlesville's mom earlier in the day and knew they'd be in Tulsa at his sister's dance competition, so I secretly arranged for us to meet him and take him with us on our next adventure.  I didn't tell him until he physically saw him what we were doing.
 Right before this ^ picture they hugged a HUGE hug and it was just too sweet. He was so excited to see Colton.  Oh the smiles were contagious!
We went Putt Putt golfing and it was an experience to say the least.  I will never take 5 year olds putt putting again, at least for sure not at that course. It was insane, but they hadn't a clue how bad they were and thought it was great fun (although it was VERY hot).  It was hilarious...each hole they'd hit the ball and drag the ball and drop the ball and lead the ball about 10-50 times and then once it FINALLY got in the hole, they'd scream, "HOLE IN ONE". I am really not sure they have a clue what the phrase even means. After the first few holes I ditched the card and the pencil and just relaxed and let them have fun.  And they did!

 Once we got to the 18th hole, I told them not to get upset that they wouldn't be able to get their ball.  It was so hot I don't think they cared one bit. It was our fastest hole and they just essentially dropped the ball in the hole to watch it disappear.  They really wanted to play some of the coin games in the inside and I didn't have any cash on me, but I am thinking that would have been way more fun and cheaper for everyone (good to know for next time!) :)

It was so hot that we went to get snow cones from Josh's snow cones and it was well worth the wait (yes, the line was about 12-15 minute wait). They were very hyper and driving me half crazy because we were so close to the street. I kept thinking they were going to run out there and so I was having anxiety attacks (it's one thing with your own child, totally different when you have someone else's baby too!)  I was thankful when the line got closer to the front and we could stand far from the street. We finally got ours and they both ordered Leonardo the Ninja Turtle.  They ate them up quickly!

I had such a great time with my little man and I loved seeing that big cheesy smile on his face, but more importantly the imprint on his heart (he wears it on his sleeve) was priceless.  I know that it was a sweet and special time for him (and it was for me too).  I look forward to our next adventure together buddy! I love you so very much!

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