Monday, May 9, 2011

Well I was right...

It didn't even take until the end of the weekend. The very next morning, they were out on their bikes and Creighton had it in minutes.  It's funny, if we combined them, they'd be a perfect rider (almost)....but she's better at steering and braking and he's better at pedaling and starting all by himself.

We've been practicing a whole lot as of the "conquering" and they both get better each time. They are just SO stinkin' cute riding.  They are very proud of themselves and Charleigh is very proud of them both.  I think she's just watched us cheer them along these past few days so much that she just thinks every.single.time they get on their bikes they should be praised.  It's adorable.

They get on and she starts clapping and cheering, "yaaaaay bubba, yaaaaay Rae Rae!" It's awesome!  I love brother and sister love.

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