Monday, May 2, 2011

What a pictures

Creighton and I went to a Mommy and Me Tea Party.  I really rarely get to spend one on one time with my kiddos. I cherish the time I do!  We had a great experience...
I let her pick the table she wanted to sit at.  She chose the Tee Hee Hee Tea Table. I am thinking she noticed the ring pops :)
I had to snap a shot of us together! all smiles 
 The best part for her was ARIEL was there!  She taught us how to use good manners...or etiquette. :) It was kind of strange to me, but she loved it!
 Afterwards she took pics by all the decorations...great job NBC Children's Ministry team!  Looked fantastic!!!!
 Charleigh came too, but stayed in the nursery...she looked SO cute in her dress but would not smile and I now notice that she tried to pull her pony out and looks now like she has a mo-hawk!
 We had an impromptu Easter egg hunt in the back yard several days AFTER Easter because it has been raining so much we couldn't get outside till now! Charleigh was THRILLED! ahaha
 Jackson in the tree...oh that boy misses his climbing tree!

 Charleigh did a lot of cracking us up!  She is so stinkin' adorable....
 Check out those dimples.  Little bit is FINALLY feeling all the way better and got her appetite back.  YES! she is back to eating me out of house and home.
 Seriously, they don't get any cuter?! even with orange juice dripping down the chin!
 Creighton got to go on a Daddy Date today for lunch.  She got all dolled up! (I helped).
 I just love that she loves her Daddy and will know what to expect when it comes to being treated the RIGHT way!
 I found these trikes and bikes on craig's list for $5 each. They have been life savers and wonderful for my kids who haven't had anything to call their own (as far as outside toys) for a LONG time now....if it'll just quit raining, we might never be inside....

Poor Charleigh got ANOTHER shot this week (18 month well baby visit) but she's totally the best and you wouldn't know....she's happy and healthy.  She weighed 22.6 pounds, 32 inches.  She's skinny and tall with a big head (they said her head is like 96% but that she'll eventually grow into it) I totally don't think she looks like a bobble head.  :) You're just gorgeous and so fun! I love you Charleigh Tatum
 my crazy lil man.  Oh he's so all boy, and yet, so tender. We've had some sweet conversations.  We are making progress with his actions/attitude in a 2 steps forward, one step backwards kind of way at the moment.  He's wild.  I love him.  Oh I love him.  He's too darn cute.
 Creighton has nearly mastered NO training wheels.  She can do it, she just gets nervous.  I love helping her but it's KILLING my back. I really can't believe they are growing up so fast.  It's all happening.  First this, next it'll be loose teeth...I just can't handle it all sometimes!
 Tonight they were digging in the yard and playing with mud and having a GOOD time together outside.  I LOVE WHEN THEY GET ALONG!  It just delights my heart and refreshes my spirit.  It doesn't happen often, especially lately it seems, but tonight (and any time they can get messy!) they were and I loved it.
 These are illegal pictures, forgive me.  But they turned out cute, just not quite cute enough to buy. I wanted badly for them to photoshop them for me for the "perfect" pic but they said they couldn't and I am sad.  Because if the sweet smiles of Jackson and Charleigh in this picture
 were merged with this gorgeous picture of Creighton, then it would just be ideal.
 But, it's not and so these images will have to do for now :)  (and actually I am not sure I want to always remember the MOHAWK he's sporting here anyway)....oh boys.
I just can't get over how big my LITTLE girl is getting.  SHe looks entirely too old...and seriously I prayed at one point during my pregnancy for her to be ugly*.  Good thing God didn't listen :) Baby you are gorgeous on the outside and I pray now that every day your heart becomes more and more like Christ's so that you will be all the more beautiful on the inside and be the COMPLETE package :)

*I stupidly (pregnancy made me dumb) assumed that if she was ugly it would ward off the I just have to teach her VERY well how to handle herself and how to have high morals and standards! Because there is nothing ugly about her (well, except sometimes her attitude...we are working on that!) ;)

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