Monday, May 16, 2011

End of the Year

All three kids went for about the last 5 weeks or so to New Beginnings MDO program.  The last day of classes was last Tuesday and they had a great program to show some things they'd learned.  I was just learning to use the iPhone as a camera/video and so I didn't get nearly as quality of pics as I was hoping and thought I was recording when I wasn't and was when I shouldn't have been...but all in all there are cute videos (which I can't put on my blog) and only a few cute pics...
The older classes all sung a few Spanish songs in the very beginning together.  Jackson was a few people over from Creighton. 
 She looked so cute and I hate that this one was fuzzy...but it was the only one I got of her sweet smile
 and this one...
 I didn't get any pictures of Jackson's class up singing but I have a lot of video. They did a very good job and it was great.  After they sang they did a little "graduation" for the Pre-K kiddos.  He was called up first.
 Rarely see him so serious :)
There's my sweet smile! So proud of you buddy! :) I can't believe you are officially now in "real" school from now on.  It's weird buddy.  You weren't suppose to grow up so fast! I love you with everything in me and I am so proud of you.  You've come a long way and you have a long way to go, but you've proven you will work hard!

You said you wanted to be an Astronaut this much better than when you graduated your 3's pre-k class and wanted to be a Taco Bueno drive through guy! :)  But if you do become either of those extremes or anything in between, I'll still be proud of you!

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