Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Charleigh Boo

Charleigh is a walking machine now and goes almost everywhere on 2 instead of 4 now!  She is so funny. She looks rather like a very intoxicated little human as she still takes her fair share of tumbles...but its so fun to watch her.  She is a climber...don't know how I ended up with 3 of those, but I did.  She's fearless, just like her siblings as well.

She is still the best baby on the planet.  And she's SO SO SO very smart.  She is talking tons now and will repeat (or try to) just about any single word you throw her way.  My favorite is "yellow" it sounds like "ellow" but it's so cute what she does with her tongue!  I just can't get enough of her sweet voice.

She's getting so big.  She actually has a little bit of a belly right now that hangs over her little diaper and its just too funny watching that little drunken beer belly baby walking and talking all over our house!

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