Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Jax!

Jackson is just hilarious.  He constantly is making me laugh and I never find the time or paper to write it all down.  Two nights ago at dinner he was explaining to Creighton about boobs.  I know this is quite the "personal" topic, but I had to recapture as much as I can remember because it's just too funny that this kid is so aware.

He pulled up his shirt (for who knows what reason).  I am assuming that made him think about his chest.
J to C: did you know girls and boys both have boobs?
C: [pulls up her shirt to show him that yes she agrees]
J: when you are little girls boobs are little like boys, but when you (Creighton) get bigger your boobs will get fatter and bigger and then you become a woman.

Jeff and I are just looking at each other trying not to spray our food everywhere!  It was a riot.  I didn't like it that he was calling them boobs, because we try to keep everything anatomically correct around here, but it was just so funny hearing him explain "becomming a woman" to Creighton.  Where did he hear this explained? I asked him, don't worry.  He said no one explained it, he "just knows this kind of stuff."  I was really dying laughing inside and trying so hard to hide it.

Totally random.  One of *ville's songs says I've got a friend named Tony with a plan in his pocket... After listening to these lyrics, he says, "Dad, that's just silly"  Jeff: what Jackson: you don't keep a plan in your pocket, you keep it in your mind!  Why does he "get" that? He's just a super smart little guy.

Another Jackson thing: EVERYtime I tell him he cannot do something/have something etc. he will immediately ask: "So when I am a Daddy can I get [this] for my kids" To which I reply SURE!  But it's just really funny that that is a sufficient answer for him and he's usually totally okay with my "no".

He is my fashion conscious kid, unlike Creighton, and he certainly didn't get it from me.  The day we got home from being gone for so long warranted a trip to Walmart because we were out of everything.  I went in my "clown pants" and a sweat shirt.  (clown pants are blue cotton baggy pants with polka dots in all colors all over...not very classy looking I know).  Anyway, I was exhausted and I really don't ever care too much about my appearance, especially at Walmart, but when I got home he said, "Mom WHY did you go to Walmart in your pajamas?" I said I was too tired to put on clothes...He said something else I can't remember now, but it was funny and just reminded me that he does have a fashion sense...I missed it somewhere along the line.  (and I am okay with it, too just for the record)

He has a loose tooth and I am NOT okay with that.  That means he is getting big and he'll have a hole in his sweet smile.  I didn't lose my first tooth till 2nd grade when I was 7! He's only 5.  It's barely wiggly but it is wiggly nonetheless. I hope it's a far off time before I have to have a toothless little boy!

I just really can't get enough of him.  Having him in school is so fun for him and he is doing well! It gives him some good lessons in life that he brings home and we can talk about, he is learning so much information on a daily basis....such a sponge! And it gives me good time with the girls and good time for him to not be tempted to want more screen time! That boy LOVES him some videos, movies, tv, itouch, netflix, wii, computer, and anything animated in any way that comes on a screen.  I really don't love it....It's so funny how different each of the three kids are.

He is one compassionate little kid already and I am excited to see that blossom as he truly begins to know Christ more and more and begins to walk in His ways.  :) I love you Jackson!
*all pics were just random

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