Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh Charleigh... are just TOO cute for your own good.
YOu didn't leave these on long, but you did let me put them on you and even smiled but I didn't have the camera ready! You are funny!  You have just about mastered balance to walk without quite so wicked of a wobble :) You are so proud of yourself and it's pretty funny when you "run" away from me.  

TOday is your last day of school for the year 2010 and every big class was having their party, so I dressed you up too :)  You were so cute riding your horse this morning!

I gave you a bath this morning and washed your hair but I didn't get it put up in time before it went crazy :)

Your sweet Mary Janes were one for mere seconds before you had them off. You look very sweet in your candycane dress.

There is your sweet smile! You are so full of personality.  You were not too happy 5 minutes before this when we tried to get a sibling picture.  Oh well. We'll take this anyday!

The first body part you learned to find was your belly button. It's so cute.  You hunt for it like it's gone missing or may not be there every so often.  Today I happen to catch it on camera. :) LOVE IT!

You thought you were pretty funny too! You are a walking-talking machine now.  Oh and you definitely found your lungs.  I laugh when people mention how quiet you are...which is true most of the time. But they've never been in the car with you.  It seems you don't like your seat let us know in no uncertain terms my sweet girl.  Whew.  And just when we have lots of car trips coming up, too!

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