Thursday, December 9, 2010


My mom is big on getting the kids' picture taken with Santa every year.  Much to my kicking and screaming about it.  I decided to relax this year though because, quite frankly I am just tired of fighting it with everyone.  I've had endless conversations about Santa and his falsehood and everything I abhor about it, but I don't have very many (if any) in my corner and I figured, we all turned out okay, so what the heck.

But, just so it's written down for my kids to read when they are older:
I do not like lying to you and thus, I just really don't talk about it much and I answer vaguely or not at all when you all reference the commercialism of Christmas that our culture gags us with.  I don't like it and here is my MAIN reason (other than lying is a sin...that's a big one too)...I want you to always know you can trust me (and daddy).  I would HATE for one day you to wonder why Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and any other imaginable marketing scheme in America are all fake and not real, but yet, we insist that JESUS is.  He is.  He was. He will be.  He is Truth, He is Love. He CAME as a baby, in human flesh (gave us His God-hood), in order that He might be the One True Living Saving Sacrifice for you, me and the rest of the world. He DIED for you.  But He didn't stay in the tomb, He ROSE FROM THE DEAD. He is very much real.  I hope you know that I would never want you to doubt for an instance that we lied about the other, so He must not be real/true either.  That is my fear.  So, later in life, when you read this, just know I cared for that reason.  I love you all so very much and my whole job as a mommy is to raise you up to know, trust and follow the Lord.

So you have pictures with Santa and for the very first times in your entire lives this year there will be a present from "Santa" (from your Grammy) and I am swallowing hard just typing it.  I have to fight myself, but I do love seeing the joy in your eyes and the smiles on your faces.  One day though, can you do me a favor and be that excited about Christ!  He is the real (and only) reason we have to celebrate anything!

Now that you all know how much of a Scrooge I am, know I don't need your comments to tell me...I've heard it enough.  :) (said with love)

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Two Girls and a Guy! said...

Courtney. I know how you are struggling with the Santa thing and heres something that might make you feel a little bit better. I always grew up doing the santa thing;pictures, cookies, letters, everything. I was disappointed when I found out he wasnt real (mainly for the presents thing I am sure) but I think my parents did a great job at helping us distinguish the two people. We read the Christmas story, did Christmas plays, I heard my mother and father talk about Jesus all the time, I heard them have religious discussions, and they taught me how to pray at night before bed. Ijust want you to know i hardly remember any gift I ever got or any santas lap I sat on.. but I could never forget Jesus and where he is( my heart) and that has stuck with me more than anything are those memories I have of my parents nurturing us in Christ!!Which I know that you and Jeff do a great job of! HE can ALWAYS outshine some ole coal giver! Hope that helped! Merry Christmas!