Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I just thought of another funny Jax story

We were all in the car driving home and he says: my stomach hurts B.E.R.G

I asked him if he was trying to say his stomach hurt bad.  He said yes.  I said "that's B.A.D."

He said "my stomach hurts B.E.A.D."
I said BAD
He said"BEAD"
I Said say BA
He said BA
I said "say BA....D"
He said BEAD

It was a riot but finally he got it. Then he just kept repeating it. B.A.D.  over and over again. He's so funny trying to spell things all the time. He's gotten pretty good at getting most of the sounds right, but the english language is just so tricky...ahahhaha

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