Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scared to death

So after I write all the most recent funny posts about Jackson I get a phone call from his teacher today that about made my heart stop functioning, even though she told me before she began that he was okay.

We were driving back to Bartlesville, and still an hour away from the school, when his teacher calls to let me know that there was an incident on the playground.  This is not the first time there has been an incident of some sort on the playground, but nothing has warranted a phone call.  I was nervous, but truly hoping it was something minor or funny or anything really.  Nothing totally abnormal crossed my mind.  Until she began...

Jackson was having trouble keeping his scarf ON the last few days during recess (apparently) so she told him he couldn't take it out today unless it remained on his neck.  (no big deal...) Well, he was playing on the monkey bars with his scarf still where it was suppose to be.  [side story: Jackson has a deep desire to tie knots, play with ropes, tie things up and down and every which way, swing from them, and just all around the kid likes that kind of stuff].  He apparently tied the longest end of his scarf around the monkey bars and then fell or jumped or whatever, but the other end of the scarf was STILL AROUND HIS NECK!  Mrs. Ellis wasn't out on the playground, but some volunteer mom was and started screaming and running towards him to rescue my son! *my heart is 90billion miles/hr just typing that*  Actually, I am shaking now...again.

There were multiple conversations with him about the danger, and about how he wasn't in trouble, but it was very serious, etc etc.  He is fine. I don't know that it even hurt him or scared him or that he was without breath or anything, but I do know that it hurt me, I was scared, and also without breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, needless to say I think I might burn the scarf and banish them and ropes and any sort of long thing from him forever.  I love that little boy more than life itself and even though I am praying the actual incident is FAR from the scenario my mind has created, I am just so thankful he is totally fine today and that I still get to hear the words, "I love you, mommy" from his sweet mouth....oh I squeezed him extra hard and long~

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khowze said...

Oh man! Terrifying! I hate hearing that story, but I am so thankful it turned out he was fine! Those near miss things freak me out for a long time too, as I can't help but imagine what could have happened!