Monday, April 21, 2008

18,000 Words for our past week!

These are just a few of the pictures that represent our past week. It's been a good one and a busy one. I love the weather! I can't believe how much I love the weather. It's just been perfect.

Note to anyone: first good weather Saturday of Spring, don't go to the zoo. Or if you do go in the morning. When we were leaving at 2:20p in the afternoon and it was ridiculously busy. The line for entering the zoo was all the way into the parking least 200 people in line. And the park closes at 5 (I think). That is NOT worth it and by then it was getting really warm and people were just standing in the heat and babies and kids were SO cranky...I am glad it wasn't us.
Papaw playing with Jackson on the seesaw plane.
Nanah holding Creighton and playing dress-up with her hat on Nanah's head.
She was so sweet this day. Again, we spent a large chunk of our time at the playground at the zoo as opposed to actually seeing any animals. Well we saw a few. Their favorite this time was the elephants!
Here is Creighton totally passed out in the stroller. Jackson said he was ready to leave and I was occupying them with a snack on the way out. She didn't get but one bite and fell asleep with her hand up still in the air and her hat fell over her face. We put her hand down because she looked really uncomfortable.
This was our backseat on the way home from the zoo. Creighton never even knew we left the zoo, and didn't wake up till we were in the driveway. She was OUT COLD! That never happens.
Sunshine and the kids playing outside makes mommy happy!
My handsome man!
She loves to ride anything and everything and has NO fear! She was all smiles.
I really like this picture a lot!
They got these helmets for Christmas and Jackson decided today was the day they need to wear them...I thought they were cute though
First experience with washing Daddy's car (or any car for that matter) (at least that I can think of) They LOVED it!! Although they were both shivering furiously and their lips were blue after we were finished.
Creighton looked so cute in her little swimsuit. I didn't put either of them in diapers though, and her swimsuit you could totally was cute (but only because she is less than 2)
They have so much fun together (most of the time) and that makes me a very happy mommy!
I am not sure my kids will EVER get tired of swinging in these baby swings. I am so glad I found another at a garage sale for $5 that was brand new!
Umm...really?! I love this kid...and this face...and the fact that he loves his mommy! :)
This doesn't really look like Jackson to cracked me up though!
She is becoming a Daddy's girl...and it is so sweet (and my heart's desire for her)
When Grammy and Pop were in town (and I was out of town) the "fair" was at the mall and my kids LOVE to ride rides...I can't wait for the Kiddie Park to open up! Thought this pic was cute with Creighton's hair blowing in the wind!


Maria said...

They are getting SO big!!! YIKES! Please hit the pause button for me!

jeff said...

Yeah... I must be some guy, since i'm like not in any of them!! (one)

That's becuase i'm such a humble servant and take the pictures!! :)

Christy said...

Cute pics Courtney. Tell Jeff to get used to it. No one cares about looking at us parents in the pictures. ( :

Dalene said...

These pics remind me of my oldest two, and I think I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now... (I actually miss those moments...but not the DIAPERS!). Those were really special years. You sure do a great job of building memories with your kids.

Kipplyn said...

They are so precious. I was thinking the same thing Dalene. It is really hard when they are little and so close together, but they often have such a special relationship. They are blessed with you guys as parents too! :-)

Becky said...

Great pictures - and Jeff there is one picture of you!!!

Jennifer & Anthony said...

Hey Courtney!
Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love this post. Your kids are so adorable!!!

Anthony does remember you from TU, but we have never talked about it before. Anthony and I met at Grad school at TU so you might not have known.

Take Care!

Hannah E. said...

Great pictures. I also love the last one with Creighton's hair blowing...she looks so serious about her driving, it's cute!!