Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Was Getting the Bugs Off!

Whew! I am home. And I am glad to be. Not much time at this very moment, but I know some people thought I might still be stuck in Tejas, so I thought I'd let you all know I am home now.

I have one funny story quickly to tell:

Months ago we were playing outside. Jackson was digging in the dirt. Creighton was swinging and someone (can't remember who) was there with me. I noticed Jackson had a bug (I think a mosquito) on his shirt, so I swatted it dead (on him). He looked up at me like, "MOM, WHY DID YOU JUST HIT ME?!!?@?" Without skipping a beat I said, "I was just killing the bug, I am sorry if I hurt you." For me: end of situation, never to be thought of again...


Months later (today) he had a really bad day at school. His teacher was gone and the sub was not the normal sub, and he had a bad night of sleep (down late, up early (very very very early)) and he has been away from me since Friday.... but enough excuses for him ...his substitute said he was making bad choices all day today. She proceeds to tell me that he scraped a little boys finger with a rock, he threw some sticks at people and he had a saw up to Emma Kate's neck

get this

...all in the "name of" "getting the bug off"

This had been (somewhat) plaguing me lately because he would always say something about "getting the bug" or "killing the bug" when he would do something wrong. And I didn't have a clue what he was talking about and really started to worry about him having hallucinations or was starting to scare me. So today I had enough and I called the doctor. She said they had 3 other phone calls saying their children were seeing bugs this point I am WIGGED OUT! But then she says, oh wait, but he isn't on that medicine!...whew, I guess!

Then tells me she'll call me back.

In the mean time Jeff and I are racking our brains trying to figure out an incident or experience or show or something where he has seen someone hurting a bug or doing something of that type. Then it dawns on me this little episode from months ago and it clicked...

He had NO idea he had a bug on him! I just hit him for "no reason" in his mind and my excuse was "I was getting the bug" and it was OKAY for me to do that in the name of getting that bug! So, for months now he has been doing something naughty and saying, " I was getting the bugs"...and oh my goodness...however funny it is, I have no idea how to reverse this. I tried talking to him about it and it just isn't sinking in...


One day I will laugh hard about this I know...but for now I am facing quite the dilemma...he thinks he can do ANYthing and just blame it on the bugs...oh glad I was able to post about this...I think I'll never forget...but just in case I do, its forever documented!

I am sure his teacher/sub thinks he is crazy (or that we all are)

One more quick thing about my sweet boy: last night he wanted to talk to his cousin Jake so bad, so I let him call from my cell phone and Jake got on and jackson said: "say sumtin' to me" it was so cute!...maybe you had to be there


Maria said...

It is cute... and wow to the whole bug thing. It's amazing what they know and remember!

Dalene said...

Wow... I'm glad you at least figured out where that was coming from. It IS totally hilarious. I have no creative ideas for reversing this! Funny story. Let us know what solution you come up with.

khowze said...

Very funny! It is amazing how fast we forget things AND the seemingly small (to us) things that they remember for SO long. Aidan will still bring up things from a year ago that I completely forgot about.
Sorry, I know it's not that funny for you...but you are right, it will be someday!

Becky said...

That's funny - I know exasperating at the moment, but funny! Wish I could tell you how to reverse it, but I'm afraid I can't. He will figure it out at some point!