Saturday, April 19, 2008

Amazing day FULL of activity

Pretty excited to share some photos with you all. I am pretty sure today was fun for everyone! We went to the Zoo with Nanah and Papaw and then came home and went to the park with Daddy (with special treats from Sonic in hand) and then we came home and played outside and washed Daddy's car in our new swimsuits from Grandma Debbie! They had a blast and we're all tuckered out! I will post pics tomorrow (or maybe Monday). It's been a great day and mostly ALL of it was spent outside in the GORGEOUS weather we had....loved it! G'night


Maria said...

If you ever want to go to the zoo with me, give me a call. :-)

Christy said...

O man, I'm so sad. The last 2 amazing beautiful days, I've been stuck inside cooking and cleaning or by other obligations.

Let me out!!! (: