Friday, April 11, 2008

Jeff and the Tree

During the ice storm in December, our tree snapped in three pieces and one of them fell barely missing our sun room roof. We were lucky! Just last week someone sweet removed that from our front yard (that had been sitting there since the storm). Well that was Sunday and then Monday-Wednesday we have had some more severe weather. Severe weather. Monday night (Tuesday morning) we were awoken by a HUGE thunderous noise...assuming it was thunder accompanying the lightning we rolled over and went to pretended to sleep. However, it was another third of our tree breaking and falling on our power lines and backyard shed that probably is what woke us up.

Jeff spent some of Tuesday, some of Wednesday and most of Thursday cutting down all the branches of this crazy tree with a hand saw! Poor guy. He tried and tried to get a chain saw and finally got one and it wouldn't start. He spent 30 minutes pulling and pulling on that silly thing and it just wasn't going to start for he grabbed that hand saw and began cutting away again.

We borrowed a trailer so we didn't have to have the tree sitting in our yard for another 4 months before someone got fed up with us again was nice enough to remove it for us, and on his first load, he got the trailer and the trailblazer stuck in the mud. So, after a security guy helped him, they fortunately got the trailblazer out of the mud, but the trailer is still there...and thus, so most of the limbs still remain in our yard. ugh! And we have an awful eye sore of a stump-ish thing...Jeff is hoping to turn it into a table...

But really Jeff is quite amazing...thanks honey!


Maria said...

Oh my! CRAZINESS! We had tornado sirens going of Monday night. It was great not to sleep from 230-430 am and then to sleep lightly...followed by work and German class. The Boy? He slept through it all. LOL!

Marci H said...

Bummer! :(
I wish you would have called us- - -we have a chain saw you could have used!!