Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Dallas

Not quite there [home] yet but I am in Dallas. I have been in this airport since before 12 and it is after 4 now. I have attempted to get on 4 different flights and have had NO success. I am hoping (and the odds are good since I now actually have a boarding pass with a seat located next to MY name) to get on the next flight out of here. I was really really wanting to get in earlier so I could go to Apples of Gold tonight, but it just wasn't in the master plan of my life I guess.

This little trip I was on was so fantastic. I loved it and only wish it had fallen on a different weekend. There were so many things I missed out on, but the Lord had different plans for me, and although I am a little leery of the journey ahead of me, I am content...knowing that on the other end of it there is really good stuff...great things in store for my heart and my relationship with so many people I cherish.

I can't wait to get out of this airport and hug on my hubby and my babies! I missed them a lot...and of course I really hate pumping and dumping so I am very ready to be finished with that. My time on this computer is about to end, so I must go for now...


Becky said...

Hope you made it on the flight and glad you had a good weekend. Glad we talked yesterday, and you were not insensitive at all! I would have shared, but I just wanted you to enjoy your restful time away without listening to my worries (which I shouldn't be worrying about anyway!).

Christy said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry you had travel problems. Hope you're home now and enjoying those babies.