Friday, April 18, 2008


Last night I got on to post a blog about how awesome my day was...however, by the time I finished reading my emails and a few other blogs, I was just a wreck! I don't understand how sadness just finds its way to my heart in so many forms, but last night it just did.

My friend and accountability partner from the Institute emailed me and let me know they just found out that their little girl Aubrey has a serious heart condition. You can read along on their blog here.

Then another friend Maria, let me know about a new Daddy to a precious and adorable preemie who lost his wife a few hours after delivery (can you possibly imagine?). Read here.

And then I came across a comment from Becky on Christy's blog about another story of a family of God losing their little girl. The letter from the mom to baby made me weep and sob and cry for over an hour. I think partially because it is heart wrenching, partially because I didn't get to grieve Baby A's death like I wanted, partially because I am just tired of hearing about all these families hurting

...and it makes me ask the questions that I feel guilty for asking and for asking questions to God that make me feel awful for, but I just really don't understand. I can't fathom any of this, but especially all of this. There just seems to be so much of it right now. I think that is the one thing that is hard about being so "connected" to the world with this Internet...and also one of the amazing things at the same time...

Yet, I guess it just reminds me that this world is not our home and I long to be in heaven where there will be NO more of this pain, this hurt, these tears. My plead is this: people get the picture! God is using these stories for people who don't know him to be able the words of Paul, "I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation!"


Becky said...

There is so much pain in this world! Sorry I added to your sadness last night. You are right and Paul's words are excellent!

Maria said...

I think if you ask Him questions, it's ok. It's when you question Him that there is a problem. Beth Moore helped me to realize the subtle distinction.