Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Photo Stop III

Feeling like nothing to your benefit :)
Oh my goodness...I love her! She is getting so much bigger by the minute!
My little man absolutely loves his Nikao t-shirt like Daddy's...thankfully we have 2...he wants to wear it constantly now...
My little diva. American Idol (oh Lord, please, heck no!) in the making...I have video that is so so funny. She loves to sing and dance and she actually has a little rhythm :)
This was from Katie's party...totally random
Apparently he liked Easter egg hunting in Enid (not so much on Easter Sunday though).
Them riding the go-cart at Papa John's house...I love to ride that thing too! :)
More to come tomorrow on the aftermath of the storm and our backyard, house, and power lines, but I liked this picture!


Maria said...

Wow! That's a lot of tree down! My neighbors lost branches again last night, but they didn't get their tree trimmed up from the ice storm either. One landed on their car, I think. YIKES! Glad you all are alright. Scare times this week!

Kayla said...

Creighton and Jackson are soooo cute. they are also getting so much bigger!!

Kate Monday said...

They are SO cute! I miss you guys a lot. I will be home in three weeks, though, which will be amazing. Hang in you (and your wonderful family)!

khowze said...

what the heck happened over there?