Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lack of Sleep = Foolishness

I am an idiot! It was official before this for a million reasons, but it is quite official today. I am going to blame it on the fact that I have had NO sleep (with the exception of the nap I got on Tuesday) since Sunday night. I don't know what insomnia pill I took, but good gracious, I hope it has gone away before I hit the hay tonight....

On to why I am such an idiot....

Jeff and I have been talking about getting a laptop. (which we are both excited about for millions of reasons). I want a PC and he wants a MAC. I am not a fan of Mac because it is different and I am used to a PC...that is really the only reason, well and they are 5 times more expensive! But, anyway I got this email today saying I could receive a free MacBook Air. Usually I don't give those kinds of things the time of day and wouldn't even consider opening the dumb email. But today I did. I had time alone and I was tired but couldn't sleep (even for a nap).

Anyway, I knew knew knew that it was going to be a scam deep down in me, but something told me to check it out anyway. So I did. I thought I did all my research to make sure it was legit. It was legit I found out...however, a complete scam at the same time.

I am just an idiot and I can't even believe that I am announcing this publicly, because seriously I usually scoff at the people who fall for these things...thinking, "did you really think that was for real?" I know to trust my instinct. For crying out loud, Jeff used to calls me his "voice of reason" and typically for good reason!

In order to get this silly computer I had to complete 2 sets of offers from 3 different tiers. I have seen these before and realized that I could probably get away with spending not too much at all (usually they are like free trials that you just have to cancel within the 14 day trial period) and if it was for a Mac Book then, heck yeah, I can do that...even if I have to spend some money...what was I thinking? Anyway, I get past the first 2 tiers without too much damage at all, and actually have a little gift for my dad and brother on the way...thinking "this is going to be so great, Jeff will be so proud of me!"

Haha...laugh it up...laughs definitely on me. 3rd tier consists of ONLY 3 options, of which I have to choose 2! Do you want to even guess what they were? 1) a ROM machine (like 25-40K) 2) some pocket computer (12-15k) and 3) a European rail pass *you had to buy 2 (@$899/person)...what the heck? Seriously, I could have bought our whole community several MacBooks...

I was FURIOUS to say the least...a) because I knew it...b) because I blew it c) because I had spent money that I didn't need to, wouldn't have otherwise, and couldn't do a THING about it now because you had to do them in succession of course! I wrote a very nasty little customer service note and sent it to the people. But really, it was because I was just mad at myself and really felt sorry for those people who fall for this more than once, which Lord help me I hope I never do again. I think I am officially the most un-trusting person in the world right now.

ugh! I just felt dirty and used and like dumbest person on the face of the planet. They got my money, y'all get the laughs, but maybe just maybe someone else won't fall for that kind of thing. (Y'all probably don't fall for those kind of schemes...)

Anyway, it just goes to show that you should always trust your least I know I should trust mine. They are usually pretty good at keeping me out of trouble and today I just was too tired to listen to it hoping there was someone good in the world.

The saying should no longer have a probably in it: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I was a fool and it wasn't even April Fool's Day...a day late, a brain short (and much sleep deprived)=stupidity at its finest!

***Also, Baby A is 5 weeks old today and is struggling more by the day. She has touched so many people's hearts and lives in such a short lifetime. We are praying for them. Word has it that they are all at peace for now, but please continue lifting them up in your prayers...


Marci H said...

Thanks for sharing! I fell for one of those years ago- - the same kind of thing with different tiers. I can't believe they are still doing that SAME thing.

I hate that because I am so trusting that I am easily DUPED! I used to be MUCH worse. I tend to always want to think the best about people- - -is that so bad?!?

Casey said...

oh...i'm the most gullible person every...i probably would have fallen for it also!

by the way...we just got a mac and I LOVE IT. We've always had a PC and the change can be intimidating, but you won't regret it if you go that route. After you get used to the little differences, i think the Mac is so much more user friendly. We didn't get the air book...we got the macBook Pro. Love it!

and thanks for the update on baby A...have had them on my heart daily.

have a good weekend!