Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pure Excitement

Tonight we had an event called Pure Excitement in Bartlesville. It was fantastic...and it always is. Joe White puts this event on all over our country and has for years. I absolutely love it. Tonight I had the opportunity to go with 2 of my small group girls. I love love love these girls so much and tonight I just broke. I broke for them. I wept for them and with them. It was really neat. I know that God moved in their hearts and the Lord knows He moved in mine as well.

I was telling one of them as I was taking her home that "I am 27 and married and yet, the Lord still uses nights like that to restore my soul and remind me I am loved, I am forgiven, and I am free from the chains of sin..." That is it. That is what it is all about.

If I could, I would, hands down, make purity decisions for every teen in America. If I could, I would certainly like to redo some of my choices I made as a teen. But I can't do either of those things. But man, if you could see the tears and hear the commitments and listen to the worship, and just be still where I was the sight of 200 plus teenagers committing or recommitting their lives to Christ and to purity...your heart would be soaring like mine.

I pray that it isn't/wasn't just an emotional experience that won't last and for some I know that will probably be the case, but even if just one of them change because of what they heard, are different forever because of a choice they made tonight, then it was dang worth it.

I haven't been to Kanakuk in so long. We have visited over the past few years, but I haven't been "IN" it like I was tonight in quite some time. There is good there...lots of good. I love it. I love it that teens are made to feel special and unique and good about themselves and to hear positiveness for a change and that its okay to be different than our culture teaches you to be. I love it. I just do.

I know that my two girls are different tonight as of 8p than they were when they walked in at 6p. God is good. All the time. I prayed so hard for this message to be heard...and it was heard. They heard and they listened and they responded...and I can't be more grateful and blessed and honored to have been able to be there with them. I just LOVE my girls and I could have said what he said tonight until I was blue in the face and they just needed to hear it from a different source...thanks Joe!

The name contains my soul's emotion....Pure Excitement


Marci H said...

I was glad to see you and Jeff there with the youth! I admire your and Jeff's commitment to the youth at Grace.

I am SOOO with you about craving purity for our teens. How can we make them understand how important this is???

Thank you for your passion and for allowing God to use you with our teens!! You guys are amazing!!

jeff said...

I LOVE my wife!!

jeff said...

that was weird!! Marci you just totally posted at the same time i did!!

HEY... why didn't you post on my blog!! :)

Hannah E. said...

I love those kinds of evenings!

Less than a week until I see your face! I wish I had some fun things planned for us in big T. I'll work on that.