Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sentimental Time.

This week hasn't been as busy as the previous two, but still I feel just swamped with things. Here we are ending February and I feel as if I should re-evaluate and grade myself again on my goals for the year. Are years long to anyone else, or is it just me!? :)

Anyway, life is good here. I got some sweet time with Jeff today, just the two of us for several hours and that was so good for my soul and our relationship. We also have a date night planned tomorrow night for a few hours with the kids at Parents Night Out. (PS, if you live in bartlesville its open to everyone, and there is no where I'd rather leave my kids, with exception of my own family).

Stacie is home and not really doing very well, but still is with us. There are lots of people volunteering to do great things for her both monetarily and most importantly with their time and hearts. It's really uplifting to see the good in people, in our community, coming together and wrapping this family in love...all kinds of love. And I love it. I don't know how much longer God has her here, and goodness knows she is ready to go Home, but her life, both in struggle and worldly "defeat" have NOT been in vain. Within her, there is a fighter, even when she doesn't want to be. I can't imagine the things she thinks of and wonders and fears... She is strong.

Jeff is seeing Braveheart on the big screen tonight and so fired up about it! I am happy for him because he loves it so much. On our wedding day, one of the ministers, Will Cunningham, called him Braveheart... :) He wore his kilt even... WOW. I love this man for everything...but especially for all the things he is I will never be. This is one of them.

I feel very blessed, even though I also feel stressed at times. God is good and He is doing mighty works here. Right now. I love it.

My kids...I love them. I love them I love them. They drive me bonkers at times, but man...they are just good and I am so proud and honored to be their mommy.

Tonight in the tub, Jackson let me know that he knows almost all the major colors in Spanish. I knew they worked on them, but this kid is quite smart. He is paying attention, even when it doesn't look like it. He catches everything. And I love this boy more than the world itself. Even when he changes costumes 154 times in 5 minutes. He loves them all so much he can't decide which one he wants to be more. I laugh. A lot. At him and with him. He's good for my health.

My little Miss Princess is everything I am and everything I am not...all at the same time. She prances and very dramatically dances and spins around this house in dresses, necklaces, purses, tiaras, and heels one minute and the next is "bumper" naked and sitting reading on the couch. She is like two people in one body and no one EVER knows who will come out/go in and at what time or place. She is a wild card. Whew. She's crazy...awesome. And I love her.

Sentimental time is


Dalene said...

Little Princess sounds so much like my girl. These multi-talented daughters make great friends! You have a lot of great years ahead with her!

Hannah E. said...

I like when you write about what your kids are up to! Good to hear about your little people. They sound like fun kids to be around, for sure.