Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update on Urgent

Update on Stacie

An aunt took a loan out in order to pay for Stacie's eldest daughter (8) and the grandmother to fly out to Orlando for 36 hours to visit/say goodbye. They left Neala (1) at home with other friends and family. They are transporting Stacie today to another hospital in Orlando to have another 5 hour operation done on her kidneys to try and get all of the toxic fluids out of her system. Luke is spending time with Zoe today, so that is a blessing for her, and probably a much needed break from the hospital for both of them.

Our prayers need to be for her to survive the surgery and that they are successful in removing all of the toxins from her body. Hopefully if they are able to get her to a stabilized place, then we have made contact with an amazing organization called Angel Flights to hopefully get her home to be with her girls until the Lord takes her home to be with Him. This has been so aggressive! It's just so sad. She is only 28 years old! I just can't fathom all of it. The worry, the pain, the amazing financial stress!

Just please pray. And thank you for those of you who responded to the previous post...

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