Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine's Well Spent!

Happy Belated Love Day...

Jeff brought home some of the flowers from the Father Daughter Banquet and put them in a vase for me :) We don't celebrate (or make a big deal out of) Valentine's Day really, but he's pretty sweet...and they're free...gotta love that!

The kids gave us a nice "present" by sleeping in late! Woohoo! I had to wake her up! BTW isn't she precious when she's sleeping?

So I made Jeff a heart shaped pizza (from scratch) with all his favorite ingredients on it! And of course the beloved Dr. Pepper and crushed ice! :)

One of our favorite Valentine's Day past times is to go to Hallmark and pick out 2 cards for each other, one sappy, one funny. When both of us are finished finding them, we meet up in the middle of the store and read them! We laugh and hug and kiss and then put the cards back and walk out...without spending a dime! for a card(s) that will most likely get tossed at some point However, with the week we had that didn't happen this year...oh well. No sweat here. There's always next year! :)
I am thankful that my hubby dotes on me and loves me very well usually 365 days a year! I am glad he doesn't need a Hallmark holiday to tell him to do so. I feel very blessed! And we are a lot richer for it...both financially and emotionally!

* And I forgot to put in here the first publish that I curled Creighton's hair and she loved it, but I think she doesn't even look like the same person! :)

**Don't forget to check out what the kids did during the day in the post below!**


April said...

I love the card idea! That is right up our alley! (Creighton's hair looks precious!)

jeff said...

I just left a note and it didn't go through... But bottom line!!

I LOVE YOU!! I am so thankful to have you by myside... You are a great mommy, small group leader, friend, person, and wife!! I am so happy to be with you and am often over joyed to know you are in my life on a intimate level!!

Thank you for being so wonderful and for blessing so many people's (is that correct?? :)) lives!!