Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Madness

This weekend:

1) Stacie made it home and actually is doing better than expected (last I heard). Praise the Lord!

2) I held two newborns this weekend. Well, I held my friend's 8 pound 2 ounce, 24 hour old, Koby, and then I held my other friend's, Tammy, little TINY 5 pound, 10 week old. Ethan! He was literally like half the size of Koby! It was unbelievable. It almost made me want another one holding the two of them in the same day...but I don't. I decided it was really great to snuggle them and kiss them and then walk out the door :)

3) I had some sweet by myself (to myself) time early Saturday through around 3 on Saturday. Then I had a fantastic time with 5 of my girlfriends as we bombarded my parents house (that they very sweetly evacuated for the weekend). We ate, laughed, giggled, cried, played wii, played games, talked, and talked and talked and talked some more. I stayed up till at least 3 and some of them longer. It was so good. I LOVE fellowship, I love friends.

4) I am now oh so very tired though. Good night


Hannah E. said...

Glad to hear about Stacie. Keep us posted. (Do I know her??)

What a fun girls night! I want to go have a slumber party now. I'm happy to know we can still do that at our age. I'm all about that!

Kathryn said...

I am glad to hear about Stacie. I am praying for peace and understanding for Stacie, her family, and for you! You have such a soft heart for these kinds of situations. God has blessed you in that way, but remember, God has a reason for all of this. We may not see it, but His plan is better than ours...

Thanks for the slumber party. I had so much fun! I love you girls so much!