Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Ladies Retreat Worth Mentioning

I spent the weekend in the middle of nowhere, OK with a bunch (25 to be specific) women from Grace. I was so hesitant to go because I just don't LOVE doing things like that. It gets me quite far from my comfort zone in every sense of the word. Where it all together was different than what I expected, it was good. I sincerely LOVE LOVE LOVE fellowship with "more birthday-ed" women of faith. I just do. I loved Apples of Gold for the very same reasons. There just is something that cannot be replicated Dalene, is that word?.

Anyway, I am way behind in a million things of life at the moment...but not ironically our weekend was spent with John Ortberg teaching about temporary versus eternal. I must say I learned a lot and put it into practice when I got home. I "needed" to do so many things, but I didn't do any of them...except that which matters. I spent time with my children and my husband and loved every minute of it. Well at least until Jeff left me alone with them and they were holy terrors at bed time. Up until that time they were amazing and I could tell were responding in every way positive to how much of my time and attention they were getting. It was awesome.

So, thank you John Ortberg and all the sweet and awesome ladies that put together this little retreat/seminar and made me attend. It was good for my soul and I am just beginning on the journey of how much I actually learned by putting it into action.

I am WAY excited to eat my own food, sleep in my own bed, with only my husband in the room, and not have to be anywhere at 8am though :)


Anonymous said...

How is your body...still sore??!
Sounds like you had a good weekend. However there is no place like home!

Dalene said...

I'm sorry I'm not birthday-ed enough to give you advice on words.

Too bad I didn't join the Y group. I've been eating more food than I do in the peak of training, and I'm just laying around and eating more in a "lounging" position like a pampered greek matriarch. What's up with that??? I need to be intervention-ed.

I think I'm an apple of golden laziness.

Melanie said...

I'm glad you had a good time and thought it was worthwhile. Did you win every game?