Monday, February 9, 2009


I spent the whole day working on our taxes for 2008. I feel so much better because they are done. Almost completely. I just have to mail the state ones in and wait for our refunds. I forgot briefly that we really rely on our refund to make it to birthdays and Christmas. It it always funny how I feel like we get more back than we could possibly pay in taxes. I think it is just a small blessing from God actually! And that delights my heart. Thank you Lord (and Uncle Sam).

And not at all that I get anything from this, but I highly recommend using TaxCut as it is SO easy. I used to use Turbo Tax but Tax Cut is cheaper, easier, user-friendly, and if anything were to go wrong you get free audit help! You have a few months to do them, but I like getting them done and out of the way. down.

(and my kids were at school and jeff was at work, so I neglected no one but myself...I should really shower at some point)

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