Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Busy Few Days...and now very Tired

Man I am so exhausted. You would think I wouldn't be since I haven't had my sweet babies since Saturday afternoon, but I am...completely. Saturday night Jeff and I didn't go to sleep till like almost 2am. Why do we do this? What were we thinking? I don't know...I wasn't feeling well all day Saturday so we were low key: we played games and had dinner and then I was on the computer forever and he played video games FOR.EV.ER....I read for a little bit and finally went to be bed without him...
Then Sunday I wasn't feeling well at all. So I stayed home from church...but then I went to the mission project at Vision Onward which went amazing. Sunday, there were several groups: one group did demolition at house to repair it and make it livable for someone, one group cleaned up a west side park/community center (and planted a flower bed), one group cleaned up the outside of the Vision Onward building, and one group cleaned up a different park by the pool. That was like 6 or so hours.
It was so neat the wide range of people we had there. Youth, little kids, parents...it was neat!

Then Monday was 8-8. It was a long day for those that were there the entire time! But SO much was accomplished. It was so great. I am sad we don't' have before and after pics, only after pictures. But for those of us that were there, it was amazing how much work was accomplished. The building that they are using was a disaster, and now it looks great. I bet we packed over a hundred bags of clothes, shoes, kitchenware, toys, children's things, books, music, random things, hangers, etc... It was unbelievable how much stuff there was. Then there were clean up groups too and electric/plumbing people, carpet people, organizing merchandise, sheet rocking, spackling, hauling off and dropping off at other local ministries, etc etc etc...it was insane, but so neat to see so many people working hard and serving during their Spring Break.
This room had SO much stuff in it...this is where we bagged ALL those bags and hauled them off. Now you can actually see the floor its unbelievable that this is the same facility it was on Sunday.
Okay, so you can kind of see some of the room (and all the stuff) behind sweet Kayla (the Vision Onward's founder's daughter) who worked SO hard all weekend! (sorry not the best picture Kayla, but I needed to show the room and it was the best I had) :)

You could NOT even walk in this room before we started! There were tools, sawdust, sheet rock, wood, merchandise, trash, lots of stuff everywhere....now, I am so proud :)

I left early on Monday to go home and get ready for my small group adventure to Tulsa/sleepover. A few of the girls came over early to help me with my makeup (she did SUCH a good job). Then we picked up one more girl and four of us went down early to go shopping. It was insane how much shopping was accomplished in 2.5 hours. I did buy a really cute shirt that I am excited to wear. Then we met up with 2 other girls that drove down for dinner at Olive Garden...and it was SOOOOOO good. I love OG. I got manicotti that I have never had before and it was FABULOUS. Then we went to Freckles for custard and that was good too. Then headed back here and 3 more girls came over at 10:30 to hang out.
We stayed up way too late and had lots of fun. We slept in and the last girl left about 1p this afternoon...it was so much fun but my eyes are barely staying open. We made blueberry pancakes and bacon this morning and played Guitar Hero III on the Wii. It was a blast.

It's been a wild last few days--non stop, action packed, no sleeping fun. I have Ladies Night Out tonight and I hope I make it to the end :) But my plan is to sleep ALL day tomorrow, (not really) because the kids are coming back home Thursday :) They have been doing really well at John and Debbie's and last night they went to Terrie and Philips. I hope they are as good! :)


Kayla said...

It's ok Courtney, I think you only had two picture of me and the other one was with Jeff. It is still a good picture.

Chico said...

Court, I finally figured out how to post a comment. I've been following you for awhile, but have been slow on the uptake with this blogger thing...what can I say?

This is so great. You look amazing. And your babies are growing and adorable! How do we go this long without seeing each other when we're only 45 min. away? Don't answer that...

Love and miss you tons.

Marci H said...

We are so VERY, VERY thankful for all of your hard work and for everyone that came out the past couple days. It is AMAZING what you all accomplished in those 2 days. The building was in such BAD shape because we NEVER have any free time to work on it and in two days- - -it looks fabulous. You do not realize what a burden that has lifted for us!!


I am sure you are exhausted!!

PS- -Kayla told me how afraid of mice you are!! LOL It was funny listening to her tell the story!

Becky said...

Manicotti is my favorite thing at Olive Garden! It had been taken off the menu last I knew - I'm glad to know it is back on. All the work at Vision Onward is exciting!