Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Photo Stop II

I wrote a list at church today of lots of topics I want to eventually blog about but tonight I am way unmotivated. So I will leave you with some pics instead.

Another together pic from Easter...he is so sweet to her

Here is our new slide we just bought from Lowe's. They LOVE it!

My little princess/diva :P

I love her eyes in this picture

He and his Daddy were doing something that was making him make the funniest faces!

I "taught" Creighton how to sing with heart and soul...pretty much makes me crack up!

The kids LOVE to swing!


Maria said...

We must play soon so I can see this cuteness in person! :)

rachel white said...

cute pics. just so you know, mr. crabby pants visited our house today. he stuck around for quite a while!

only one more day til jeff gets home! you can do it!

Christy said...


Dalene said...

Mom, can we have more random photo stops, please? They're one of my favorite places on the Daily Court.

Courtney said...

thanks ladies! :) I think they are pretty dang cute myself!

Becky said...

They are beautiful children!

Kayla said...

Jackson and Creighton are sooooo cute!!! How old is Jackson now??