Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring weather is so wonderful

Umm...hello! Today was A-mazing! The weather was gorgeous! I loved every second of it. It is still nice out...not too chilly...but perfect! Jeff took a few hours off this morning to hang out with me and look for a new Bible

***side story***
On Friday my parents were coming up for lunch and to hang out with the kids...and while I was cleaning up Jackson's room and getting Creighton dressed, Jackson was in the kitchen destroying my Bible! I cried...It was the Bible I was planning to give Creighton on her 18th birthday. I was distraught. I was livid. I was sad. I was furious. I felt like I might hurt Jackson for doing this, so I smacked his hand 3 times and put him in his room and shut the door (as I was shaking). I went back to the kitchen to pick up the pieces praying it wasn't as bad as it looked. It was awful and worse than I thought. I am missing Genesis, Exodus, portions of several minor prophets (as in half pages), all of Philippians, Colossians, some of Ephesians, all of the Johns and Revelation and all of my concordance/reference/dictionary stuff in the back...not to mention ALL of my little notes and pictures and handouts, etc. from within the pages...destroyed...

He has NEVER really torn up a book in all of his life, and he choose MY BIBLE of all books to be his "masterpiece" was all I could do! My mom scolded him when she got here, I scolded him, Jeff scolded him, my dad scolded him...I am sure that he has gotten the picture. I just hope he gets that is important and special to me, not that he should be afraid of ever touching any bible again

***back to my original story...I just hadn't posted about it (I was too upset about it then)***

and so we went to the mall and went to Dillard's after not finding the perfect new Bible. Jeff was in need of some new nice clothes and since Dillard's is STILL having the awesome 75% off sale, we got some sweet Ralph Lauren pants and a dress shirt and a jacket. He was in a good mood and decided we needed to go try on another dress for me and I got a shirt and 2 dresses. (although one of them I am not sold on yet and might return). Anyway, we got all of this for really cheap and that is awesome. Then we went to lunch at Outlaws...which I love...and better than that, you all know my love for free food..which it was because his parents gave us a 50$ gift card there for Christmas! (we only still have it because we just got it this week...:))

Then he went to work and I went to get the kids and we went to the park for like an hour and a half and it was beautiful (a tad windy at this particular park because no trees, but awesome anyway)....the kids ate a chocolate bunny (lovely school candy sent home) and got it everywhere (and I didn't care one bit) and then ran and played and swung and slid and had a great time. Then we left and went to the duck park (I had a ton of leftover bread from the Ordination party) and they really enjoyed running around there and feeding the ducks and playing by the water and with the sticks. We left there at nearly 5pm (maybe later I don't remember).

Thankfully I convinced them we needed to shower (because I needed to look decent tonight and they were pretty dirty too). Got us all dressed and raced out the door to meet one of my small group girls at the church at 6...although I was a little late :( Then I had my regular small group and we had a new girl (a girl that we've been trying to get to come for awhile). :) It went mostly REALLY well and I hope she comes back. They all seemed really excited about the trip to Tulsa and sleepover we have planned over Spring Break...awesome! I am so so so excited. My heart was so filled with joy afterwards tonight I could barely contain it!

God is so good! I love the weather and HOPE it stays around forever!...

Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo as a family and I am way excited about dad is coming too! Should be lots of fun and I will get pics I didn't think to bring my camera and I was by myself. I got some (not so great) pics on my phone, but I have NO idea how to do anything but look at them on my phone...


Becky said...

I had a dog that ate my precious Bible when Jason was a baby. I was terribly sad about it. She ate part of the couch at the same time!!! UGHHH! Anyway, you will be amazed when you get a new one how quickly you fill it and become attached to it like the old one. I am so sorry!!!

Christy said...

I'm so sorry about your Bible. I know I'm very attached to my old one. I've had others since, but my old one is still the one I prefer reading. The pages are so worn I'm afraid to turn them now a days. (sigh) I hope Becky's right. Glad you enjoyed the beautiful day and that you and Jeff got some fun time together. Have a good trip to the zoo!

rachel white said...

I'm so sorry about your Bible, Courtney. I think it is really special that you want to pass it on to Creighton when she's old enough! I agree with Becky - ll is not lost - you will be able to fill it up again.

Aubrey said...

I'm so sorry about your Bible! I would've been very sad too if I was in your shoes. I hope you find a Bible you like - although it will never replace one that you've always had.
We too have been enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather - I hope it is officially going to stay around now.

Hannah E. said...

OH, I'm sorry. That would infuriate me.
The edges of my new Bible are sparkly silver. Your new Bible should be sparkly. It will make you happy.
Even if you don't normally like sparkly things. =)
(You can count on me to be superficial at times like these!)