Saturday, March 1, 2008

Parent's Night Out

Last night our Mother's Day Out program had what they call Parents Night Out. They do this once a month and it is so awesome. I love it! Its for 4 hours and it is only $10 and the kids get to be with the same teachers that they are with always throughout the week and they play and run them hard! Jackson slept straight till 9:15 and Creighton is STILL sleeping! :)

Jeff and I were given a $100 gift certificate to Jarrett Farms' The Wilmington Restaurant. It was such a special treat, as we wouldn't ever be able to eat there (lets just say we still owed $10 after the certificate and I got the cheapest thing on the menu!) Either way, it was great time with my man and then we rushed to the mall to take back some stuff to Dillards and Gap and catch a movie by 8. We saw Vantage Point. I must say I was dissappointed in the rating (PG-13) because of ALL of the language (even atleast one f-bomb) and LOTS scattered throughout. There was NO sexual/skin content but there was lots of violence I am appauled at what they consider PG-13 now...but seriously with the exception of the Bee Movie that I saw over Thanksgiving with my whole family, I have not been to the theater in years! maybe they got a lot more lenient since then. But back to the movie, it was decent but COMPLETELY unbelievable as someone can get shot (atleast once), have several vehicular accidents--one of which he gets smashed between a speeding machtruck and a stone building (in the tiniest of little european cars) and walk away at the end either it was unrealistic or this is a HUGE advertisement for the best and safest little car in the world! :)

Then we went to get the kids straight from the movie and we had 20 minutes to spare, but got them anyway. They were happy and content and gave me HUGE hugs and we came home and went right to bed!


Marci H said...

The ratings are terrible anymore. I never trust them. I always go to Plugged In online to check the movie reviews before I will even let my kids watch a PG movie. They may seem innocent from the ratings, but there are so many bad messages for kids in movies even if they don't have violence, nudity or bad language.

Marci H said...

That is an awesome Parent's Night out Program. I am glad you got to go to Jarret Farms before they close!

Courtney said...

I agree!! Yeah we will for our kids and I guess we should start for us, except that seriously I NEVER see it wouldn't matter...and I didn't know what we were seeing until I asked the guy which theater Jeff was in (he went in before me and had both tickets)