Sunday, March 9, 2008

Green, Rashes, Little Sleep, Fire in the Kitchen, Friends, and Chili

I changed my color to white with green because Jeff said it was hard to read and then if you read most of the comments on Jen's new site (which is lime green) it is evident that green is NOT a favorite of many readers. Since I am not nearly as talented of a writer and she, and certainly not as entertaining, I decided if I ever wanted people to read my blog again, I should change it immediately :). I do like doing a "theme of the month" color scheme which is why it is still St. Patrick's Day Green :)

Anyway, I am totally exhausted today. Yesterday was quite the day...Rae Rae's bumper (that's what we call the butt around here) has an absolutely positively horrible rash from the new antibiotic we are on (2nd in a row). Her little legs were trembling yesterday from the pain. She cried pretty much all day it felt like. The ONLY time I was able to comfort her was with DOMEBORO which I highly recommend if you or any of your kids EVER have any kind of rash (although it is pricey, its worth it). It is a miracle "drug"---literally within 2 seconds of her screaming her head off I applied a compress to her bumper area and she was calm. It was amazing. Anyway, as soon as that was over it was back to the screaming. I bet her little legs were so tired from not sitting down EVER all day. She couldn't. I couldn't even hold her like normal. I had to hold her back with one arm and her feet in my cupped hand with the other and her head on my shoulder to bear some weight...and that is how we looked most of the day. She didn't want to do anything. Every time I would change her diaper it was just torture for us both. was heart breaking but I knew I couldn't let it wet/dirty or it'd make it worse.

I was so sad last night as I was praying for her because I was praying specifically for her rash and as I was nursing her she was just like have mini convulsions/spasms in her lower body because of the made me so sad and part of me was getting frustrated with God for not fixing it right away...a much needed reminder that there are so many people praying the same "heal her now" prayers for MUCH worse issues...but yet, the morning, although still not great, she looks and is acting MUCH better. Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, I stayed out with my small group girls till 2 in the morning, which because of silly time change (that I hate) it was really 3. Creighton then proceeded to get up 3 or 4 times between then and 8:45 (7:45) this needless to say I didn't get much sleep last night. And this morning I got Jackson up and dressed and then got showered and dressed myself and then fixed lunch minus the baking part and then got Creighton up and dressed and almost on time to church. I worked the desk and then went to a meeting after service and then rushed home to finish preparing lunch with both kids while Jeff was in another meeting and I had two kampers on their way to my home in minutes. Besides totally catching the oven on fire :0 and Jeff being 30 minutes late (making our food cold) it was a REALLY great visit with my girls and a nice lunch...I was impressed with myself as I made Chicken Cordon Bleu for the first time and Tortellini with Basil/Pesto sauce that was ALL fabulous...:)

I got the kids down for naps and chatted away with the girls until Creighton woke up and they had to leave. I have been on and off working on this post for 3 hours now :) So it might be really long...

Hopefully my exhaustion will carry into a great night's sleep for me as the night is hardly to church again for a Chili cook-off/Talent show


Hannah E. said...

Time change is from the devil. It really is torturous when you have little children!

I'm really impressed with all the cooking!

surgeberg said...

i was serving!! :)