Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Re-Spark: Relational Ministry

Several years ago before I had kids I really enjoyed spending one-on-one time with of my passions! Which is why I spent four summers at Kanakuk as a counselor, why I went into youth ministry, why I applied and was accepted into the Kanakuk Institute, why I lead small groups, and why marrying a youth minister is awesome! :)

However, since I have had kids, this passion of mine was sort of smothered out by the demands of motherhood. My flame has has been re-sparked if you will! I have within the last 36 hours spent awesome quality time of no less than 8 face-to-face hours (and multiple phone/text/email/facebook) with 4 different girls on SEVERAL different occasions for very different reasons. It has been amazing!

It just so happened that one of my small group girls had surgery this week and is at home all week, one of my girls' boyfriends broke up with her (after a long time exclusive relationship), one of them has finally decided she'd like to spend time with me (after a long time of trying to convince her and having given up she called me out of the blue).

I hate that bad things had to happen to my sweet girls in order for these opportunities to arise to a) allow them to see me in this role in their lives, b) allow me the opportunity (and to jump on it), c) re-spark in me this undeniable calling in my life

God is good. I have slowly been sinking back out of my faithfulness to do my quiet time each day, to be on my knees in prayer in general (but especially for them), and just to have a deep soul relationship with my Father... He wasn't gonna let that happen this time...oh, He's been whispering, and I have heard and have chosen to ignore or half-heartedly approach the throne, but this time, I just couldn't say no...couldn't pass it up...and I am so thankful I listened, so thankful that He chose me in this moment in time to love on these girls. So thankful for my past hurts and hang-ups that I can share with them during their hurting so that maybe, just maybe, they won't have to walk the same roads I've walked to get to where I am today (which really, folks, it isn't that far, but I do know that I am changed and renewed and freed!)

Thank you Jesus for this time that you have allowed for me to set aside in my life to pour out my life into these girls. I thank you for all of them. I thank you for their struggles now, knowing later they will be more like you because of them. I thank you for my struggles so that I might be able to help them with theirs. I thank you for not letting me slip through the cracks. Thank you for pursing me, when I didn't care to be pursued...thank you for teaching me I can in turn not give up on my girls. Thank you for who you are and that you are my Savior, my friend, my Father, my helper, my Redeemer, my Creator, my all in all. Thank you Lord. Please give me wisdom, please give them healing, comfort, and peace. Be their all-in-all tonight and forever Lord. Use me Lord. Use me to make an everlasting difference in their world, and for Your Kingdom.


Becky said...

I'm glad the girls have you and glad that you have the enthusiasm to be there for them! It will make a difference in their lives!

Marci H said...

That is awesome Courtney. You truly have a servant's heart and I am glad God has you placed in the perfect ministry! Those girls are very lucky!

Isn't it neat how even though you were supposed to be "helping them", it also re-sparked you. It brought you closer to God by serving them.

Love that!!

Hannah E. said...

I just love how energizing it is when we are serving withIN our giftings and passions...He just fills us with joy. LOVE it. And I'm loving that you're experiencing that right now. What an example your joy is to others, and I know God can use it to influence others to also serve however they have been uniquely created and designed to do. I know I feel inspired and encouraged. =)

Kipplyn said...

Hi Court. I enjoyed getting a chance to read your blog again! Your kiddos are precious. I appreciate your heart to glorify God with a passion He as given you!

Rachel said...

That's when you KNOW it's where God wants you... when it re-energizes you and your relationship with God. What a blessing that He let's it work both ways. Thanks for checking on me by the way. I'm doing OK. I just got your message today. Would love to hang out when you have time. Sounds like your busy. BUT, you're welcome to come even when you have the kids. My kids would love to play with them.

Vickie said...

I pray that Katie, and all her friends, will have someone like you in their life when they get to be a teen. They need mentors outside their family. You are doing a great job in ministry and in motherhood.

Courtney said...

You guys are all awesome. Thanks so much for the encouragement and heartfelt comments. I think it is awesome that my cup was finally full enough to overflow joy instead of my stinky self :) I consider you ladies some of my most blessed treasures next to my family!