Saturday, March 15, 2008

My love of Apple Dumplings and Cooking

Okay so last night I made the Oven Fried Chicken that my whole family loves and I made the Apple Dumplings that are TO.DIE.FOR from The Pioneer Woman or The Pioneer Woman Cooks to be more specific.

I can't say enough about the Apple Dumplings...they have got to be my new favorite dessert...they are SO easy to make and words simply do not describe their goodness. Really! Really, really...

They only have about a million fat grams and caloric content, but hey, what is dessert if it doesn't?

You seriously HAVE to try them. If I can't mess them up, then surely you can't...and with Ree's easy to see and fun pictures of EVERY step then you should be fine.

I think I really really enjoy cooking....this is a new thing for me. But I love following recipes...and I have really enjoyed finding new ones. I am not too brave yet in that I try mostly chicken and with basic instructions, ingredients, etc, but my recipe box has doubled in size over the last 2 months and we have found things that are REALLY good.


Maria said...

Ree is awesome.

Also, I have a few recipes on my blog, and I am about to post another one ... with pics .. though I am not as cool as Ree. And I have a problem following recipes. Which is really a way of saying I don't measure. LOL!

Christy said...

I love that "Pioneer Woman Cooks" site. She cracks me up!! I mean really, I was laughing hysterically all by myself. I am trying the dumplings on the family for Easter. (: I can't wait. (although I probably shouldn't eat them with all that butter) Forest is going to be unhappy. ((sigh))

Dalene said...

I think I gained three pounds just reading that recipe. I'm pretty sure I'd have to eat about 12 of those with a big glass of milk. I'm going to avoid the Pioneer Woman's website...LOL.

khowze said...

Those sound awesome!! I will have to try them, although I would probably eat half the pan too!! That lady was hilarious!