Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jeff's Ordained! :) ***edited

Today went really well. Jackson was up early so I sent him to church with Jeff for first service/Sunday school and I nursed Creighton around 8:45 or so and put her back to sleep so I could get ready. She did excellent and stayed asleep till 10:15, which knowing we weren't getting naps till at the earliest 3, I was happy about!

I helped get Jeff and Jackson out the door and then I got showered and dressed and make-up and everything before she made a peep. It was wonderful. I actually spent time on myself this morning and I felt pretty and I.HAD.A.DRESS.ON...unbelievable to those of you who know me best...but yes its true...*(my new "fancy" dress and over-sweater I bought for this occasion...on sale and my new shoes also on sale (total outfit $72)....which after I typed that felt like a lot more than I thought...) Here is a picture of the dress and sweater. *** and now my head too for Kara :)

Here are the shoes that my MIL insisted upon calling my "barbie doll shoes" :/

Anyway, enough about me, this day certainly wasn't about me at all...

The service went well. The elders and Rod and the "interrogation" committee all surrounded both Jeff and I and prayed for about 10 minutes in front of the church. We had LOTS of family and friends in town...for the sake of remembering I am going to list them for our benefit :)

Terrie, Phillip, John, Debbie, GP, Grandma Lewis, Sherri, Randy, Jennifer, Brent, Clay, Lacy, Stephanie, Matt, Jessica, Layne, Bree, (and the 4 Bergs) for 21 *and my mom and dad were there in spirit* (more to come later on this topic)

Then Jeff's small group from the last 4 years: Hollis, Taylor, Chris, Potter, Thomas, Andy, Bradshaw and Jenky (the rest didn't make it but there were 4 more in town for the weekend)

And several friends left their "posts" of volunteering or being in a class to come during the "ceremony" part to be supportive of us! It was a really neat experience.

The reception was really nice and lots of people came by to say hi and congrats to us both...or eat the (really good) food...who knows. :)

Pastor Rod and Cindy and Brittany joined us for lunch at 1. The lunch went well. My kids were starting to get a lot little restless towards the end and VERY ready for naps but all-in-all I was proud of my little troopers (although NEITHER of them ate much or anything except for cake). Everybody had fun (some nice, some funny) stories to tell about Jeff and the conversation was pleasant--which was nice. He got some sweet cards and some gifts and money too! :)

I had my camera there today but because I was "busy" with everything I gave it over to someone to take pictures, but when I got the camera out just now, there was only one and it was of Creighton and Gramma I am waiting on all the pics that Debbie took and I will post those later...


Angel said...

congratulations for both of you. this is so awsome.
i love the outfit!!!

Becky said...

Congrats!!! Brent tried to call Jeff last night but didn't get him. Let him knoe that Brent tried!

khowze said...

Congrats again. You know I loved the outfit!! I am impressed with the picture taking skills you have :) Just so your readers know, it looked even cuter in person when you could see your head too!

Courtney said...

you make me laugh Kara. i suppose I could add my head...:)

Marci H said...

Congratulations JEFF!! Love your dress!!

khowze said...

I am cracking up!! Very funny!