Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap Year Weather INCREDIBLE

Welcome March! We had a fabulous day of Leap Year atleast in our world we did. The weather was A.MAZING! I loved it. WE played outside with Kara and the girls for 2 hours and ate lunch with them. The sun on my skin and body (albeit through clothes) was the single greatest thing for my mood yesterday. IT was unbelievable how good it felt!!!! The kids got dirty and played hard! It was fun and good! Although Creighton (and jax a little too) do NOT know how to leave the fabulous fifth alone! Creighton constantly wants to kiss her and hold her and rock her really fast....that was exhausting and I didn't even do a good job of parenting her away from it....sorry Kara!

Good day! I will welcome this weather all the time!!!! The kids and Jeff are about to go on bike ride...:)


Maria said...

I am loving the weather too...and MN is going to be COLD! Oh well. Oh, and in Germany, they actually prescribe tanning beds due to the lack of sunlight and resulting depression. I forget their name for it, but they consider it an actual medical condition.

khowze said...

It was a great day...we had a lot of fun too. Don't worry about Creighton, she is just curious! Addie is resilient and used to people in her face.
Jeff's ordination was good today..congrats to your whole family, I know it was a lot of work for him and you. You must be so proud!

Courtney said...

Thanks Kara!

Maria--yeah they do that in Alaska too!...I wish that could be a medical treatment for us :)