Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday Party and Blues *Updated

One of Jackson's little friends had a birthday party today and it was very fun. Vicki is so talented and creative! I am sure she'll probably put up some pics on her blog soon, so check here if you want to see them. She made everything there so cute! The theme was ladybugs and bees. She cut big holes and stripes in black bags and put red and yellow tissue paper, respectively, in each one and it was so cute! Those were the gift bags for the guests and they had cute little books, bubbles (ladybug of course) and a bumble bee toy and some candy. The cakes were precious little round cakes with the shape of bee and ladybug. The "pin the tail on the donkey" game was adjusted to put the ladybug (sticker) on the flower (she had drawn and katie had colored on big science fair project board) was cute. They did the blind fold but some of the kids didn't enjoy that, but still did it. She had cute pinwheels for gifts. Then she had pre-cut little bees and ladybugs to make magnets for crafts! The food was so great for preschoolers too. She had little sandwiches, bumble bee graham crackers, cheese cubes, lots of really great fruit and was great!

Jackson and Creighton are the opposite of shy. Like in EVERY way. There were some kids that were playing, but most of them were quiet and/or sitting in their parents' laps the.whole.time! Mine on the other hand were like a three (even though there is only two of them) ringed circus! I feel a bit absurd now because of HOW bad of a mood I am in, but my kids are trying to drive me crazy (I know this isn't true) but really...I feel that way.

They do not know how to sleep (in) anymore and that is so frustrating to me. They don't know how to take naps anymore and in the middle of days like today, that is like torturous for me. They need more sleep. I need more time away alone. So that makes for 3 unhappy people.

Creighton literally wakes up screaming and crying and just ridiculous from her naps. I know she isn't getting enough rest or she wouldn't be like that. I can't stand the fits and crying all the time. Then Jackson will be sweet, but only till Creighton wakes up and then whine whine whine is all I hear...its driving me berrying nuts! (if you read Jen you might know what that means)

There is not enough junk food to keep me sane for the next few days. I swear I am such a stress eater! If I was an alcoholic, today I might have died of extreme intoxication...good thing I am not. (maybe)

Sorry for my ranting...maybe one day my children will behave again...thanks to all of you who let me know at least I am not alone. Let's all pray for sunshine the next few days, if for no other reason, but I REALLY need some vitamin D and serotonin flowin'---really bad.

Vickie, thanks for the birthday party! That was way awesome!

* Updated I added pictures of what Creighton was dressed like because it is one of her new outfits and I love it! And I figure with such a whine of a post, I needed to add something worth looking at :) (well I guess the party information was good) :)

Anyway, I am getting out of my funk slowly, but I sure was in one! Everything was going wrong (so it seemed) and I was whining just as much as they were and acting like a two year old too! I think they were rubbing off on me...thanks for enduring, that is if you made it this far down the post.


Maria said...

I feel you! Things are crazy here too, and I need more than sun! At least The Boy is sleeping well now that we have his allergies somewhat under control.

Creighton looks great in her dress.

rachel white said...

the pics of creighton are absolutely adorable! i love the "kissing daddy" photo.

harrison and i had a rough day on friday. thankfully, he does not have many. really, though, i think it was more me than him. by that point, i was just tired of taking care of him all week and, frankly, i needed an attitude check.

i placed the screaming boy into his crib, called daddy at work because i just needed to "vent" and hear some encouraging words, and then i took a big breather, went to go get him, and just gave him what he needed (which was a happy, cuddly mommy), i gave him a snack and sang songs for 30 minutes. by that time, we both seemed to be doing much better.

some days are just SO frustrating and exhausting - i am SO with you. but i've found that "mr. crabby pants" comes out at certain times as a reminder from Heaven that i need to be on my knees and, literally, leaning on Jesus to get me through.

hang in there!! praying that some sunshine will come out and you will be able to have some great time outdoors!! : )

Courtney said...


Christy said...

Tim and I were just reading yesterday about the effects no sleep can have on the body. Or even, Not Enough sleep. It is crazy. The ability to cope with life just goes out the window. I know that is part of our problems as mommies. NOT ENOUGH SLEEP. I guess that is when the grace of God kicks in and we get through somehow. Like Rachel said... on our knees. (:

Love you!

jeff said...

I love my princess

Vickie said...

I'm really glad you and the kids had fun at the party. They were so cute and Dan loved having 'action' Jackson at the house.

I feel a lot of the frustrations you have regarding naps and sleeping, but I really love this age. I just try to hang in there and enjoy and remember the good days when the bad days, or bad hours, hit. I know its hard!

My mom always told me and I've heard it from others, too, that it is the mother who sets the mood for the family at home. When Katie is cranky from lack of sleep, I have noticed a huge difference when I don't give in to my crankiness, but suck it up and fake happy. It seems to rub off some.