Friday, May 9, 2008

Bad Baby Week

To date, this might be the worst week of Creighton's life.

Today we went back to the doctor because my intuition was that there was something just not right. We went to a different doc today. We had chest x-rays done that were awful because they stick them in a plastic tube with their arms flailing in the air and they are screaming bloody murder the whole time. She would be a lot less in pain if she wasn't so strong and bull-headed...I think that might be a theme for the rest of her life, because it certainly has been in mine.

Anyway, she has pneumonia. No fun, but at least there is something to treat now. Doc says she will be fine and it isn't a severe case at all. Started antibiotics today and said within 24 hours there is NOTHING to worry about, but that it was fine for her to be around others because typically it isn't contagious.

But also, and I don't have a pic to load tonight but will soon, she feel and busted up her face yesterday. She hit her head and her nose and her lip. She looks a little ruffed up and a lot like Rudolph. So with blood drawn, a ridiculous urine (amnio-type) test, bloody-ed up face, and a tube x-ray, I'd say she's been through a little bit of baby hell this week.

I am just glad there is "something" to fix and that now I hope she'll get to feeling better...because let's be's getting a little old having a leech on me non-stop...and I'd like to get some rest and some weaning down...., and of course, my sweet baby girl back to good health!


Dalene said...

I'm SOO SOO sorry! What a hard week! Poor baby! Of course, if she is unhappy, you certainly will be unhappy! I agree, at least you know what to treat now. I'm sure weaning will go a lot better when she feels better.

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Oh poor baby, Creighton. I'll be sending some prayers her way that she is feeling better soon. And that the leeching lessens!!

Maria said...

Legalized torture. I think that's what I called the tube when Amari had it done. And I'm confused on her blood draw too... for Amari, they always prick his finger and get the little bit they need. Is that what they did to Creighton? From your writing it looks like they tried the arm?

Courtney said...

Yeah they did the arm...I asked to do the prick (we've had it done before) but they said it was more painful to do it that way for her. And the last time they did it, they thought that had "drawn" enough but hadn't and so had to prick her I opted for the sucked too!