Monday, May 19, 2008


We are back and into the full swing of things immediately! It's been good though. The kids are going through a severe detox program for the next few days from being spoiled so badly (but that is what grandparents are for, right?) Oh well...its tough on me to be consistent, but it's tough on them too, but we are making it! I am back to weaning Creighton again, and this time, barring another virus, we should be able to do it well! Today was tough, but I stuck to it and she did okay. One thing that scared me to death (no totally) was that she found a Binky and wanted it! love/hate relationship with Binky's...I DO.NOT.WANT. another Binky lover in my house. I haven't had the heart to do away with Jackson's at nap/night yet, but he is pretty good at giving up now during the day. I am thinking that at 3 he should give it up, but that is so soon! Not sure on that one. I am thinking one thing at a time and not sure if I want to tackle no Binky (and blanky?) or potty training first! Ummm...neither...but I know I have to.

Kids played hard today and took 2 hour naps and went down great just a while ago. We went to the duck pond and then after nap played outside and in our pool (blowup). They had a ball!

I ran from downtown to the HS and then did bleachers and then ran back to the YMCA. Then, I played 2 hours of competitive volleyball tonight. i am hoping I sleep well tonight! (I didn't sleep at all last night--reason unbeknownst to me! arg!)

This is quite some ramblings...can you tell I am exhausted! It's been a good day though. I got up before the kids and did my quiet time...I think that is what helped me get through the day! Jeff was gone before we got up and is still gone. I miss my alone time with him already!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day!

KNH said...

Did you ever give her the BINKY??

Marci said...

I can't believe you ran. . .I thought you hated running!! :)

rachel white said...

i just read a study on little boys. (you know there is SO much stuff out there, so you have to pick and choose what works for you). the study said that boys, often, will have a "lovey" object that gives them security. AND that you really shouldn't take their lovey away from them. they may have it for a LONG time, but that's okay, according to this study.

i noticed that with harrison. his blanket is definitely his lovey object. so i have no doubt that we'll be keeping that for a long time. as far as the binky, we are keeping it until all his teeth are in. which seems like it won't be too long, the way he's going! : )

good luck with all your binky/blanket/potty training decisions! : )

jeff said...

Sorry i haven't been around much these last few days since we've been back!! :(

I love you though... very much and hope you know that i'm way excited about my off-day tomorrow!! :)

What are we going to do??