Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Photo Stop IV

These are a few of our adventures from the month of May!

I absolutely love these two pictures of Jeff and Jackson and below of Creighton and I!

Jackson in his Dragon towel he got from Aunt Jennifer for Christmas. He growls in it...but this face is priceless!

First time on the potty chair. She didn't produce anything but really likes sitting there!

He still loves his 4-wheeler!

This is them eating our 2 left-over Chocolate Walls from PF Changs (birthday surprise)...they LOVED them. It was worth it to see them eat it and hear their "thank yous" for them.

Thought this was cute!

Sweet Rae!

Matching swim shirts! We've had lots of fun play time in our pool these past two weeks!

He is Jeff. Jeff was sitting next to him in his sunglasses, but told me not to put his picture up in his swimsuit. :/

This is from our adventure at the Zoo ...where they like to play the most...the park. That is our friend Amari, Maria's son.

This pic is of them blowing kisses, but earlier in the day Creighton planted a HUGE kiss (like practically make-out style) on Amari. I am struggling with saying it was cute...that is how crazy of a kiss it was! But they are cute...

Jeff took this picture of Jackson, and I love the reflection off the train...great shot, honey!

I guess I was having fun too...Jeff snapped this while I was riding with Jackson on the see-saw:)

We played lots of trains, cars, tunnels, castles, riding "horsey", etc on Tuesday with the bad weather.

They sat quietly for a few minutes together and just "talked" it was priceless!


Maria said...

I dig the pic of them blowing kisses. I think the "make-out session" was kind of cute, considering their age. In a year or two though... probably not so cute. 10 years, definitely not cute. 15... out of control. LOL! Anyway, it kind of reminded me of how Kevin and I were in the beginning. I was bold (Creighton) and he just took it (Amari). LOL! Sorry. I shouldn't laugh, but I chuckle every time I think of her planting it on him.

Jennifer & Anthony said...

I love the pics! The kids looks so cute!!!

Erin S said...

Courtney.. I found your blog! You have two of the most adorable children. I love it!

Hannah E. said...

Oh, I love these pictures. Makes me want to see your kids soon! Creighton is so much blonder than when I saw her last!!

sonja said...

I love the picture of Creighton with her "lawn mower"!