Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Doin' better

I was very thankful for prayers that were answered last night. Creighton slept in her own room from 11-4:20. That was very nice. I was thankful for the rest, unlike the night before. From 4:20-6 was pretty much not fun, but she is doing much better than Monday/Tuesday. She fell back asleep for a little bit but was up at 7:20ish and wouldn't go back down. We got dressed and took Jackson to school and then ran errands and I got her a cute new baby and a baby stroller to play with today since she is feeling better and yet can't go play with her friends. She LOVES her stroller...she was SO happy with it!!! :) It was really cute.

Then she crawled up in my lap and asked to "joon" which somehow means nurse...I obliged and she went right to sleep. Hopefully she'll take a good nap...I am on my way too!

Thanks for the prayers. She is fever free for now (since last night).

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KNH said...

I am SURE you are glad she is feeling better! I am to....i hate sickness!