Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Very Curious Jackson

Conversations happen almost daily about the fact that Jackson has a penis and Creighton doesn't. He asks or tells everyday, like it might change. I always have the same answer, yes, boys have a penis and girls have a vulva. (I like that word a little better than the other v-word).

Anyway, tonight we were reading and getting ready for bed and Jackson is tucking in Curious George and he stops and stares. I was curious (haha) about what he was thinking when he said...
"gurge no have a pea-nis?"
"ummm...yeah, George is a boy, so he probably has a penis, but maybe it is under his diaper."
"he no have pea-nis, mama, an' no dwiper eeder"
I got a diaper and diapered George and said it was under his diaper. Then he just ripped it off and was pointing where it should have been...and was very was I as to how I could have responded better...oh well.
He is one funny boy. And very aware of things...already?!


Marci said...

That's funny! I guess it is good to actually use the anatomically correct words when talking to our kids. I never did this with Kayla and we have a VERY funny story because we called it a "tail" instead of a penis. Ask me about it someday!! LOL!!

jeff said...

all of you guys need to start a story page about private areas... because court has a good one from her sister too!!

Kipplyn said...

LOL! So funny! George was in the bath just now and said "Hey Mom, I have a hole!" hee hee, must be the age!

Christy said...

You know, I just don't know what the correct response is to "Why doesn't my Curious George have a penis mom?" I can't find that one in any parenting books!!! (:

So, I'd say, you did the best you could. LOL!