Monday, May 5, 2008

Bike Ride!

We went again on a bike ride yesterday and ended up being gone from 4:30 to 8:30! It was a long long long trip but SO fun filled with lots of funny stories and memories and adventure! :) And, one of the many reasons I wanted to go was because I was determined to take pictures...

...and I did!

We had quite the adventure. We dropped movies off at Blockbuster. Then, we headed towards the Ducks, but stopped off at the Wayside playground for a little bit (they loved that playground and didn't want to leave). BUT, we had to detour (a long one) because Jackson decided he needed to poop and we forgot to bring diapers and wipes. So we ventured past the duck pond through Colonial to old Colonial to my friend Sharla's house to "borrow" a diaper and wipes. Then we went to the duck pond...which brings us to pictures!

This is what our entourage looks like. The bike I am using right now is Jeff's old piece of juuuuunnnnnk! I hate it, but its all I have for the moment.

Creighton is saying "cheese". She loves the doodlebug.

I might have to send this picture to Ree to see if there is hope of redeeming the face of my sweet little girl...she was SO messy. We gave them these cherry things to eat and this kid is the messiest kid I have ever known. She ruins more pictures outfits than ANY one I have ever known! (even worse than her brother EVER was)! But, do you see those EYES!?!

My boy LOVES his sticks. (and sword fighting with them). I liked this pic with the ducks in the background.

She had lots of fun running around, being non-conformist. Everywhere we were, she wanted to be the opposite place. Her smiles were worth it. I just played photographer. :)

I actually got them to sit down for about a half a second at the same time. I thought it was cute!

More stick-loving fun

She did this so un-solicited. She loves her Daddy. I was hiding...and she just ran up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind. This was the best I got because I (nor he) was not expecting it! So priceless!

Jackson had to get in on that kind of action though---she got lots of praise and response from Daddy for her action. So, Jackson planted one big on Jeff's mouth! :) I love it!!!!!

Daddy teaching Jackson how to throw...I love that his hand is resting on Jeff's leg...

Perfect. Peace. Please stop the clock.
We ended our trip with another dirty diaper, from the other one. So, thankfully Braum's wasn't too far....AND there happened to be another baby (and mommy) that I "borrowed" another diaper from. Thank you stranger! We did learn our lesson and will be LOADED with diapers from now on.
Um...lets just say he really enjoyed that malt! (and the hamburger).

The ride home was a little rough because they were getting cranky, it was getting cold, and dark! But we made it home and our neighbors came over and played with us for a few minutes. It was a long but good day!


Laura said...

Great pictures! Jackson's hair looks like Elijah's right now! I love going on family bike rides. I am going to have to ask you where you crossed Nowata at? That is one street that makes me a little nervous.

I love the fact that other moms have stuff and are so willing to share. I never have wipes or diapers on me. I am glad you all had a great family afternoon.

Dalene said...

Okay...we're going to have to schedule a bike ride together this summer. I'm loving the pics.

Maria said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. :)

Kipplyn said...

Your pics are amazing! We have been watching old video of Chandler when she was 15 months old. They are so priceless and it is inspiring me to video more! It is hard to remember her that little!And, it is incredible how fast time flies!

KNH said...

They are SOOOOO cute!! I LOVE bike rides. We have been doing them almost every day sice we have moved to the NEW house! I love our NEW house.....and the bike rides!!