Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our week in words...

Well this week hasn't been as insane as I thought it was going to be, but we've stayed busy that's for sure. We went to the zoo on Monday. I thought it was going to be really busy but it wasn't too bad. We met up with Maria and Amari there and that was fun. It was really humid and hot so we didn't stay too long, but with season tix it doesn't matter...

Tuesday was yucky weather here and the kids and I played hard inside all day. We had a good time. The interns arrived that day so Jeff was really busy. We had a dinner that night for them, so my parents watched them for us. And then called to say they could stay the night...what joy for this momma!?! :)

Wednesday I had my dentist appt. which went a little crazy, but we finished the project of a filling and the permanent bridge! Yeah! Then I met my dad at Taco Bueno with the kids and we had naps and played hard till it was time for church. We had training for Barnabas trip and then came home and played a little before bed.

Then today Jeff was in and out of the office a few times but mostly was able to play with us, and when he went to the office he took Jackson twice, so that was good! We went to the park this morning and then went to Sonic for lunch. Then we went to Caroline's to swim and the kids had an absolute blast! Completely fearless both of them of water. Completely! I got Jackson a new floaty device from Wal-mart and it was great for him. I wish Creighton could fit in it because it held him out of the water much better than traditional floaties like she had on.

After naps we ran several errands and then went to Wendy's for dinner. Lots of fast food this week because I didn't want to go to the store since we were leaving! Oh well. Then we headed for the Kiddie Park. Tonight it wasn't busy at all and so we used LOTS of tickets and rode everything there and some things more than the Jupiter Jump at least 6 times. It was great. We bought like $20 worth of tickets at the beginning of summer and have been at least 4 or so times and still have about $8 left in tickets. That is why I love the Kiddie Park.

A full week. Lots of play. Lots of fun. Good sleep for everyone most every night. We leave tomorrow to take the kids and then leave Saturday morning for 8 days. Oh the packing I must do tomorrow.

I think we are having friends over tomorrow morning for swimming and play and then we have our friend Parker coming in town for a few hours to say hi and see the kids and I off before we leave for Enid. Busy day tomorrow too! :)


Nise said...

Wow, what a packed week. Thanks for going with the kids to Barnabas. Lauren so excited. I want to go sometime. Check out my blog when you get

Take care and happy packing.

Maria said...

Kevin's coming home today! :)

I hope your "trip" goes well. Thanks for inviting us to the zoo. We had a good time, and I can't wait to take Amari back!